Subject Mad
Mad in the U.S.A.
The debut full length release  from
Subject Mad came about a year after
the release of their demo, "3 Funny
Kids".  3 Funny Kids was later
repressed on vinyl and was available
on Dirty Records, until the end of Dirty
Records in 1998.  The album included
14 songs that oozed with inspiration,
ranging from F.Y.P to Toy Dolls.  They
developed a strong cult following
through out the years, and many still
wish for a reunion.  Subject Mad has
been nominated for Best Retired band
both in 2004, and 2005 at the Arizona
Ska Punk Awards.  The album went
on to sell 2,000 copies.  The album is
currently out of print.  After the demise
of Subject Mad we feel no immediate
need to repress, but who knows what
the future holds.
1. S.M. 3
2. Model American
3. Trap Too Many
4. Assletes
5. Loosen Up the Rope
6. Commercials, and why I hate them
7. Piggy Chunky
8. Rag-Men
9. Snottsdale
10. Government Issue #57
11. The Search
12. For Sale
13. Track Meet
14. Little Boy Blue
Listen to: Loosen up the Rope
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