Ordering Information

OPTION #1: Order Online Directly from Bad Stain Records

All of our titles as well as merchandise is available to purchase on The Official Bad Stain Records Facebook Shop. Visit the shop at: www.facebook.com/badstainrecords/shop

OPTION #2: Order Online

Many of our titles can be purchased online from various online stores like Amazon and Interpunk. Just search for the title at your favorite online store. If you can't find the title you're looking for, you can always buy it at The Bad Stain Facebook Shop.

Option #3: Digital Download

You can download many songs and albums from our artists at various websites like Spotify, I-Tunes, and dozens more. A select few of our artists are Anti-Internet, and they have no online presence. Although you can find several artists just by searching for the name of the band at your favorite music website.

Option #4: Purchase at Record Stores

You can always purchase albums the old fashioned way, at your favorite mom and pop record shop. If you are located in Arizona, we recommend any Zia Records location or Stinkweeds. If your favorite mom and pop record shop doesn't carry the album, just ask them to order you a copy.

Option #5: Mail Order

Bad Stain does still offer our Mail Order option for all you old school punkers. Just print a copy of the order form below, and fill it out and mail a check or money order made payable to: Hawk Distribution

Mail the order and payment to:

Bad Stain Records

PO Box 35471

​Phoenix, AZ 85069