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Hello everyone.

We just wanted to give everyone an update on how the recording process has been going.  Over half of the songs for
the new album are already completed, and have been for years.  We have completed all of the drum tracks and bass
tracks, and Matt has finished up recording all of his guitar tracks.  We have two or three guitar tracks we still need
to record, and then we have 5 or 6 vocal tracks and backing vocal track.  We are pretty sure we will be done with all
of the recording by the end of the month, and then we can start editing.  After editing, we will start the mixing
phase, which is by far the least fun part of the recording process.  When you start mixing a song, you're really
excited to show all of your friends, family and fans the new track, and can't wait until it's done and ready to be
mastered.  The problem is that you have to keep listening to that same song, over and over again, and eventually you
really start to hate it.  During the mixing, there are songs that no matter how many times you adjust something, it
just doesn't feel like it's perfect.  Then there are those tracks that have some small imperfection that somehow
becomes magnified and just gets under your skin during the mixing, despite the fact that nobody else even notices
unless you show them.  After mixing an album, you pretty much never want to hear those songs again...or at least for
awhile.  We are pretty sure that we will be done and ready to go to press by August, and we're shooting for a
September or October release date.
We have also sold the last remaining copies of our "QuickerDrunkenLouderHarder" EP.  We released the limited edition
EP in 2006, and pressed 5,000 copies.  With the success of our debut release, "Waiting for Tomorrow", we had
projected that the album would sell out within 3 years.  Twelve years later, we finally sold the last remaining copies of
the EP.  For those of you out there that never got a copy of the CD, you can still find copies at several mom and pop
record shops and online record stores.  Although we recommend you snatch up a copy fast cuz we are totally out, as is
Bad Stain Records, so once those stores run out, it won't be possible to get any physical copies of the album.  The
release is always available to download at dozens of digital sites as well.
The last thing we want to announce is that we are very excited to be working on creating a special limited edition
custom made "Chase Stain Signature Series Bass Guitar" and "Moe Money Signature Series Guitar" to help
commemorate the release of our new upcoming album.  We will be selling copies of the instruments, as well as having a
contest and awarding the grand prize winners with a copy of the new CD and a copy of the instrument.  We will post
more details about the contest as the release date approaches.  These custom made guitars are very high quality,
and will be exact reproductions of the same instruments that Chase Stain and Moe Money play.  During our hiatus, all
of our gear was stolen, so the band lost over $60,000 in equipment.  We have had to borrow and rent gear in order to
complete the recording, and now both Moe and Chase need to get new equipment.  So they decided to have custom
guitars and basses manufactured, and then thought that it would be pretty cool to make a few extra copies to sell to
any fans and/or musicians.  These are very high quality instruments, made with very high quality parts, and the price
to purchase them will not be cheap.  Although we can say that it will be very fair, as we are only going to mark up the
instruments 20% above our cost.  Both Moe and Chase have each started to design their instruments, and we have
listed the info below.  Keep in mind that some of the detail may change before the instruments are created.
Moe Money has always played Fender Strats, so it comes as no surprise that he chose to make a Strat his
personalized guitar.  
The "Moe Money Signature Series Fender Stratocastor" features a solid alder body, with a 25.5" long, C-Shaped
maple neck with 9.5" fingerboard radius and 22 jumbo sized frets.  The neck features custom inlaid fret markers,
using a "$" design, and a "Dollar Bill" design on the 12th fret.  Moe chose to use Seymour Duncan pickups for his
signature guitar, selecting an "Invader" humbucker pickup for the bridge position.  As for the neck pickup, Moe worked
with Seymour Duncan and helped them develop the custom "Moe Money Signature Hot Raider" pickup.  The "Hot
Raider" pickup is a combination of Seymour Duncan's "Invader" and "Hot Rails" pickups, and help to provide the
customized guitar with a unique and powerful tone.  Moe designed his signature guitar to have the pickup selection
switch located in a position that helps reduce the chance of accidentally hitting it while strumming.  The 5 way pickup
selection switch allows the player to choose from the following options:
Position #1: Bridge Pickup "Invader"
Position #2: Bridge Pickup "Invader" and Neck Pickup "Moe Money Signature Hot Raider"
Position #3: Neck Pickup "Moe Money Signature Hot Raider"
Position #4: Bridge Pickup "Invader" and Neck Pickup "Hot Raider" with Split Coil, Performing as "Hot Rails"
Position #5: Neck Pickup "Hot Raider" with Split Coil, Performing as "Hot Rails"
The most unique option about Moe Money's guitar is the option to split the coils on his signature "Hot Raider" neck
pickup, so that it becomes a "Hot Rails" pickup, giving the player a plethora of tones to choose from.  The guitar also
features locking tuning machines, and a custom engraved neck plate with the guitar's serial number, individual build
number, and the total number of models manufactured in Moe Money's Signature Series Collection.  Plus, each guitar
comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, featuring all of the details listed on the neck plate, as well as all of the
other details regarding the guitar.
The "Chase Stain Signature Series Fender JagStang Bass Guitar" is a hybrid mix of the Jaguar and Mustang bass
guitars, just like the infamous JagStang guitar that was the brain child of Kurt Cobain.  For over two decades,
musicians, Nirvana fans, and collector's have all inquired about a bass version of the guitar.  So Chase decided to
make the JagStang bass his signature instrument.  The JagStang Bass features an alder Jaguar body with a 30" long,
C-Shaped maple neck with rosewood fretboard from a Mustang bass with 19 medium jumbo frets.  Chase stain worked
with Seymour Duncan to develop the perfect pickups for The JagStang Bass.  The JagStang Bass features custom
made "Chase Stain Signature Series JagStain" pickups, designed and manufactured by Seymour Duncan.  Chase made
sure that the Jagstang Bass has the same important details as the original iconic guitar, including a 3-way pickup
selection switch, as well as the instruments most unique feature, a 3 way switch to activate the bass guitars onboard
effect.  The JagStang comes equipped with The Random Tone Generator by Electro-Harmonix.  Previously only
available as an effects stomp box pedal, Chase Stain dismantled the pedal and installed the internal components into
the bass, providing a 3 way switch with the options of having the effect On, Off, or On with a Glide feature.  The
Random Tone Generator also has an effect control knob on the bass guitar, adding to the bass guitars Master Volume
Control knob, and both Tone Adjustment Knobs.
We will be posting more information about the New Album, Chase and Moe's Signature Instruments, Contests and
Giveaways, Events, and other news over the next few weeks, so make sure to come back and check our homepage for
all new details and updates!

Cheers - Chase, Tad and Moe
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