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So we hit some bumps in the road..........

Although we caused the bumps that we we aren't complaining.  Unfortunately, we had an issue involving
legal paperwork that ultimately resulted in the delay of our new album.  The problem has since been resolved, and we
changed the online release date to June 21st, and the album will be in stores and available everywhere else on June
28.  We are very sorry for the mix up, but we want to remind all of our fans that we are super cool and can
basically do no wrong.  So make sure to get the new album as soon as it's available to purchase from your favorite
online store or mom and pop record shop!

We also wanted to let everyone know that Moe Money and Tad Gurthman from "Numbers On Napkins" have teamed
up with members of "The Downtown Dramatics" and formed a new side project called "Downtown Numbers".  The side
project plays strictly cover songs from various bands like Sublime, Dead Kennedy's, Red Hot Chili Peppers, 311, Bad
Religion, and more!  We will be posting more info about the project in the near future, including the dates for the
side projects upcoming shows!

We are also proud to announce that we have almost completed designing the new sections of the website.  There is
still a lot left to clean up, but we have made tons of improvements.  The band "History" page has been updated with
a more current biography, and the "Discography" page is finally fully up to date as well.  The "Merch" page has  
complete list of all of our products, and the "Contact" page has also been updated with the correct information.  The
most improvements have been made to our "Press" page, that includes separate categories for "Interviews",
"Reviews", and "Misc. Press".  We have added a lot of material to the pages, like old interviews and reviews.

Speaking of Interviews...... We recently had our first interview since returning from hiatus, and you can read the
entire interview in the Fall issue of The Independent Musicians Survival Guide.  We will also be adding the interview
to the "Press" section of our website in the next few days......or weeks.....depending on how motivated we feel.

Well........that's pretty much everything for now.  


Tad, Moe, and Chase