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Drumroll Please..........

We have finally set a date for the release of our next album.  "From Buckeye To Beardsley" will be available to
purchase at your favorite Mom and Pop Record Shop, or online from or one of the many online record
stores out there on the world wide web.  You will also have the option of downloading the album if you prefer from
I-Tunes, or any of the dozens of digital music sites that will be carrying the album.  There are also dozens of sites
that will allow you to listen to streaming audio from the release, such as YouTube and Spotify.

We also wanted to let everyone know that Bad Stain Records opened up a store of their official FaceBook page.  So
anyone who uses FaceBook now has the option of purchasing Numbers On Napkins music and merchandise such as
shirts and posters.  FaceBook users even have the option of purchasing Chase Stain and Moe Money's collectible and
limited edition signature series instruments!

Speaking of the signature series instruments, Chase Stain has hit a snag in his giant signature series collection.  The
investor who was going to put up the money for the collection insisted that Chase sell the instrument for double the
price of what he was asking, and Chase refused to do so.  As a result, the investor has decided not to release the
collection as planned.  Stain still has his signature Fender JagStang Bass available for sale, as well as his signature
White Gold pickups that were custom made by Seymour Duncan, but none of the other instruments that Stain
recently designed are for sale.

Last......if you haven't "Liked" the
Bad Stain Records FaceBook page, we recommend that you go do it now.  Every
couple months, Bad Stain will have a raffle for all of the fans of the label.  In order to obtain a raffle ticket, you
must "Like" Bad Stain.  Fans can get additional raffle tickets by "Liking" any Bad Stain Recording Artists FaceBook
Page.  So if you "Like" Bad Stain Records, and Numbers On Napkins, you will have two raffle tickets.  Prizes range
from Bad Stain merch, to Visa Gift Cards, to game consoles and TV's, to Gift Certificates to record stores, tattoo
shops, and tons of other items.  

That's all we got to say for now suckas.  Peace out bitches......

Tad, Moe, and Chase