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Hello again everyone.  

We are happy to announce that our debut album, "Waiting for Tomorrow" has officially sold 12,000 copies as of this
week!  Unfortunately, the album will not be selling any more copies because Bad Stain Records has decided not to
repress the CD.  The album was released in December of 2004, and sales have considerably dropped over the years,
so we fully understand why it wouldn't make sense to continue to repress the CD.  The good news is that the album
will still be available to download digitally and is available at over 100 different websites.  

Our new CD, "From Buckeye To Beardsley" is available in stores, and although sales aren't as high as they have been
for our previous releases, we understand that we have been on hiatus and out of the scene for a bit, so we expected
that the CD wasn't going to sell thousands of copies in the first couple of months.  Honestly, we were shocked that
we had about 100 people pre-order the album, and sales are actually higher than we had anticipated and the album
is selling more copies than we had originally projected.  So needless to say, we are very happy.  We want to thank
everyone out there who has supported us and purchased a copy of the new CD.  We all feel like this is an amazing
album, and considering it is the last album that Matt was a part of, it just feels special to us.  "From Buckeye To
Beardsley" really manages to capture our sound better than any of our other releases, and we think that it helps to
show how we have grown as a band over the years.

We understand that the majority of people today don't purchase the physical album, and usually download their
music, that is why we decided to allow digital distribution for "From Buckeye To Bearsdley", unlike our last album,
"Borrachos, Chingasos Y Rucas".  With that being said, we are not making the new CD available to download digitally
until after the physical CD has been in stores for 100 days.  We just wanted to allow those fans who actually bought
the CD the chance to hear the songs before anyone who downloads it.  Rest assured, the new album will be available
to download in a few months.  We chose not to allow digital distribution for our last album, and we are still getting
e-mails from upset fans, and that's the last thing that we want.  In fact, we are actually considering releasing
"Borrachos..." digitally in the near future because of all of the complaints.  In the end, we hope that everyone
understands that we only refused digital distribution to help reward our fans for buying the physical CD, and to help
keep the band in the underground scene.  Although we will keep everyone up to date with all future developments.


Tad, Moe, and Chase