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Old News >

Hello again everyone!  We have recently received some troubling news that is going to be a huge pain in the ass.  The
webhosting software that Bad Stain Records uses to design and edit our website is being taken offline, and starting March
31st, our website will no longer be available.  Furthermore, there is no way to transfer the existing website to a new
webhosting software.  Basically, the entire website will need to be rebuilt, starting from scratch.  Bad Stain is going to
design a new website for Numbers On Napkins, but they also need to make a new website for Bad Stain Records, as well as
Bad Stain Noize Weapons, Dirty Laundry, Chase Stain, The Arizona Ska Punk Awards, and a few other websites as
our new website may not be fully launched by the time that our current website is taken offline.  We ask that everyone be
patient why we eventually get this situation resolved.  

We are happy to brag about the fact that our special re-issue of "Waiting for Tomorrow" is doing amazing, and we have sold
over 600 copies of the release!  FUCK YEAH!  We still rock!


Tad, Moe, and Chase