9-28-2019        NON releases the music video for their single, "Burpin' Our Way to New
Mexico", from their new album, FROM BUCKEYE TO BEARDSLEY.
Bad Stain Recording Artists, Numbers On Napkins, released their first video from their latest
release, FROM BUCKEYE TO BEARDSLEY, yesterday afternoon on YouTube as well as Facebook.  
The video is for the song, "Burpin' Our Way to New Mexico", and is a simple slideshow video.  The
band plans on releasing more videos from their latest release in late 2019 or early 2020, and
announced that the future videos will feature live footage of the band from various performances
over the past fifteen years.  Fans can watch the video on YouTube at:
In other news, Bad Stain's newest band to join the family, Daymes Rocket, are currently in the
studio working on recording their first single.  The band members are scattered across the U.S.,
living in Arizona, Washington, and New Mexico, so the recording process will take some time to
complete.  However, band members hope to have the first single finished by late November.

                                                                              Party Naked - Chase Stain

9-6-2019        NON's Debut Release, "Waiting for Tomorrow", Sells the Last Copy of its
Final Pressing.
"Waiting for Tomorrow" is officially out of print and we sold the last 10 copies of the album today
and shipped them off to one of our distributors.  The album was originally released nearly fifteen
years ago, on December 21st, 2004.  Since then, the album has gone on to sell 12,000 copies,
making it the best selling album that Bad Stain has ever released, excluding compilation albums.  
We have chosen not to repress the album, although it is still available to download from any of your
favorite sites.  Speaking of downloading albums......we have received some emails from fans asking
where to download NON's latest album, "From Buckeye To Beardsley", and to answer your
question......NOWHERE!.........Yet.  "From Buckeye To Beardsley" is currently only available on CD, and
digital distribution of the album will not start until the holidays come a bit closer.  Anyone who
wants to hear the bands latest album will just have to purchase the CD for now, because the band
requested that the release only be made available on CD format for the first 100 days.  You can
find the album at your favorite record shop, or pick it up online from InterPunk.com, Amazon.com, or
the Official Bad Stain Facebook page.

                                                                     - Johnny Laundromat

8-2-2019        Daisy Moonshine and Her Redneck Brothers Release their new CD and
Daisy Moonshine and Her Redneck Brothers have finally released their new full length album, "Play
Their Favorite Punk Rock Songs".  The CD features fifteen cover tracks from the punk bands that
inspired the band members and helped to influence them to play the music that they do today.  
Daisy and her Bros have  announced that they will be heading on tour to promote the new release,
performing across the U.S., and even playing two shows in Hawaii!  Daisy and her Bros named their
tour, "TOURING UNDER THE INFLUENCE", and each show that the band performs will feature
the members only playing cover songs.  The band has stated that they will not be playing any original
tracks while on the tour.  They will be playing several of the cover songs from their new album, but
also stated that they plan on performing several other cover tracks as well.  Daisy and her Bros are
kicking off the tour in Maui on August 31st, but they will be performing another show the previous
night.  The bands show on August 30th will feature songs from their first album, as well as several
other original tracks.  The bands show on the 31st will be the tour kickoff show, and the band will
only be performing cover songs.  The band will be performing in New Orleans the following weekend,
heading East to Florida afterwards, then North up to New York, then West to Chicago, and
eventually all the way to Seattle.  Then the band will be heading South and playing Vegas and Cali,
before shooting West back to their home state of Texas.  The bands final show of the tour is in
their hometown of El Paso on September 19th.  The bands full list of tour dates is available on their
official website

                                                 Until Next Time - Johnny Laundromat

6-16-2019        Daymes Rocket Joins the Bad Stain Family!
We are proud to announce the newest addition to the Bad Stain family.......Daymes Rocket!  Daymes
Rocket plays a unique style of punk, metal, and alternative influenced rock, with strong, melodic
female vocals, and a vibrant and highly energetic presence that seems to radiate from their music.  
We will be creating an artist page for the band in the next few weeks, as well as posting any new
information or updates on our official Facebook Page and various other social media sites.  While we
are waiting for the ink to dry on the contracts, we are working with the band to set up shows and
plan on releasing a single from the band in late 2019 or early 2020.  If all goes as planned......and it
seldom does....Daymes Rocket will be releasing their debut full length album on Bad Stain Records in
2020.  So make sure to check back periodically for any new developments regarding the band, as
well as updates on the progress made.

Just a quick heads up.... everyone should know that Numbers On Napkins new album, "From Buckeye
To Beardsley" will be available to purchase at your favorite online stores starting June 21st, and
will be in stores everywhere starting June 28th!  You can also pre-order the CD from
Bad Stain
Records Official Facebook Page.

We also wanted to announce that we were forced to postpone the release of the new full length
album from Daisy Moonshine and her Redneck Brothers, titled: "Daisy Moonshine and her Redneck
Brothers Perform Their Favorite Punk Rock Songs".  The album was scheduled for release of July
4th, but the date has been changed to July 27th.  However, you can still pre-order the CD starting
on July 4th, for any fans that want to get the disc before everyone else!

One final thing.....I wanted to apologize for my mix up that resulted in the delay of NON's newest
album, and make sure that our fans are aware that Justin Bleach has a small wiener.  Plus, it looks
strange because of the various STD's that he has contracted over the years.  I guess the best way
to describe it would be to compare it to a baby carrot that you sometimes get in salads, or you can
purchase them at the store in small bags or veggie platters.  In any case, Justin Bleach has a baby
carrot dick.

                                                                                 Cheers  -  Chase Stain

5-24-2019        Numbers On Napkins new CD gets postponed because Chase Stain is a
We want to say sorry to everyone who attempted to purchase a copy of NON's new CD and was
unable to find it.  NON's new upcoming full length album, "From Buckeye To Beardsley" was
scheduled to be in stores today, but unfortunately Chase Stain filled out the wrong publishing form
when he submitted the music licensing paperwork granting NON permission to release the
recording of the bands cover of Sir-Mix-A-Lot's #1 hit, "Baby Got Back".  Our CD manufacturer
was unable to press the CD's until we provided the correct forms.  We were able to get 100 copies
pressed from another manufacturer who didn't require the forms up front, and those CD's will be
here in the next few days.  There are just over 80 customers who pre-ordered the album and were
expecting them to arrive, and we feel awful for the mix up.  We will send out copies of the new
album to everyone who pre-ordered a copy as soon as they arrive.  Due to the clusterfuck, the
release date for  "From Buckeye To Beardsley" has changed to June 21st.  Once again.....we are very
sorry.....that Chase is a dumbass.

                                                                              Send Nudes  -  Justin Bleach

3-22-2019        Daisy Moonshine and her Bros Return to the Studio to Complete Recording
Their New Upcoming Album
After months of going in and out of the studio, Daisy Moonshine and Her Redneck Brothers are
nearly done recording the follow up to their debut release, "Bellis Perrenis".  The band had an
interesting recording process, and the album features 15 songs that were recorded at four
different studios.  Six songs recorded at The Sound Temple in El Paso, Texas by Alex Beckinner
and Troy Deneks.  Four songs recorded at Chaos City Studios in Escondido, California by Devon
"Shanks" Harper.  Three songs recorded at The Distortion Factory in Glendale, Arizona  by Chris
Inham.  Two songs recorded at Vault 13 in Austin, Texas by Aspen Taylor.  The album's executive
producers are Chase Stain and Daisy Moonshine, although the tracks have different producers.  
Chase Stain produced four of the tracks, and Alex Beckinner, Troy Deneks, Devon "Shanks"
Harper, and Aspen Taylor each produced two tracks.  Daisy Moonshine produced one track, and so
did Moonshine's bandmate, Redneck Ryan.  They also produced one track together.  The album will
contain 15 cover songs from the bands biggest influences, and will feature special guest musicians
including Daisy Moonshine's sister, Rose Sunshine, as well as Chase Stain, Johnny Laundromat, Jason
Martinez, and more!  The band will spend this weekend finishing up lead and backup vocals, and then
the tracks will be mixed by Chris Inham at The Distortion Factory.  We are all hoping that the
album will be ready to be sent out and be mastered by May, making the album available to be
released by July 4th.
Speaking of release dates, Numbers On Napkins have set the release date of their new album,
"From Buckeye To Beardsley".  The album is set to hit store shelves on May 24th, and you can
pre-order the album starting April 1st.  Anyone who wants to pre-order the CD can do so by visiting
The Official Bad Stain Records Facebook Page, and heading to the "Shop" section.  Anyone who
pre-orders the album gets a free 18x24 inch Full Color Promotional Poster!  
We are also proud to announce that not only can you pre-order NON's new album from Facebook,
but you can also purchase any other Bad Stain release and/or various merchandise.  Everyone should
know that NON's debut release, "Waiting for Tomorrow" is currently on its final pressing, and
there are only about 300 copies remaining.  Once those 300 copies are sold, the album will never
again be made available in its original format.  So go and visit The Official Bad Stain Records
Facebook Page and buy a whole bunch of crap so we can afford to buy a new computer....cuz the one
we currently use is pretty shitty.

                                                                                  Word to yo Mutha - Mohawk Brian

1-2-2019        Happy Birthday to Us
That's right!  It is Bad Stain Records birthday today.  On January 2nd, 1996, I drove to downtown
Phoenix and I got the business license and trade name and tax ID number and everything else for
Bad Stain Records.  A few weeks earlier, I had sold the rights to my first label, Dirty Records, to
my good friend Mike "Bucky" Ball, who eventually became better known as "Dirty" Mike.  Bucky
bought the label for a six pack of beer and a couple lottery tickets, although he was not permitted
to press any of the albums that Dirty Records had already released.  At that point, Dirty Records
had released the "9 1/2 Months" EP and "All Washed Up" EP from my band, Dirty Laundry.  I
retained the rights to both albums, but he was permitted to use the name.  I just didn't care for
the name, Dirty Records, because it was too close to Dirty Laundry.  I wanted the name of the label
to have something to do with my band, but Dirty Records was too obvious.  So I chose Bad Stain
Records, but I honestly can't remember who gave me the idea for the name.  It was either my
older brother Brent, who also mentioned the name, "Soiled Sox Studios", or my good friend and
former Dirty Laundry guitarist, Jones.  
Regardless of how I came up with the name, that was 23 years ago, and in that time, we have
released over 40 albums from dozens of amazing bands from my hometown of Phoenix, as well as
the rest of the state of Arizona, and eventually across the U.S., venturing to Canada and even the
Ukraine!  The label has also gone through two different hiatus periods.  In early 2000, after
getting married, the label was pretty much inactive for the most part until 2004.  More recently,
after going on hiatus with my band Numbers On Napkins in 2013, Bad Stain also remained inactive,
until 2017, just a few months before Numbers On Napkins ended our hiatus.
Bad Stain has never been about anything but supporting hard working underground musicians.  Over
the years, the label has lost a lot more than it has made, and nearly all of the profit has always been
reinvested into the label to help it grow,  We have always kept our prices low, too low in fact.  We
have always sold our seven inch records for $4.00, postage paid, and the records use to cost me
about $1.90 each, or $2.10-$2.35 each for colored vinyl.  The shipping envelope cost me $0.96 each,
and shipping cost me $1.24 in the U.S.  So the seven inch cost me a minimum of $4.10 to ship, and I
lost ten cents for every record sold, plus I had to pay the artist 100 records for every 500 I had
pressed........so it ended up making it so I was losing about $4.65-$5.35 per record.  It was even
more when I sold them to my distributors to be sold in stores.  I demanded that any seven inch
record from Bad Stain be sold for no more than $3.00 each in stores, so I could only sell them for
between $0.95 and $1.35 each.  If I sold directly to a mom and pop record shop, I would charge
$1.85 each, so I didn't lose as much.
Today, pressing records is much more, and the amount lost on every record sold is crazy!  For the
first time in 23 years, Bad Stain is considering increasing our prices.  We haven't made an official
decision, but it is just one of the changes that you may see this year.
We also plan on starting an Instagram account, and we plan on becoming a bit more active on our
social media pages, like Facebook and Twitter.   We have new albums coming out this year from my
band, "Numbers on Napkins", as well as "Daisy Moonshine and Her Redneck Brothers", "Johnny
Laundromat and The Drycleaners", and more!  My daughter Nova is becoming more active with the
label, and she is determined to focus more on the local underground scene in Phoenix, and it will be
interesting to see what changes she ends up making to the label.
I just want to say thank you to everyone who supported the label over the years.  Words cannot
fully express my gratitude.  As we move forward into 2019, I wish everyone the best of luck, and
look forward to everything the future holds.

                                                                      Happy New Year - Chase Stain

12-9-2018        Chase Stain Adds Additional Instruments to his "Signature Series
Collection" and NON Sells Out of Their Limited Edition "QuickerDrunkenLouderHarder" EP
In the summer of 2006, Numbers On Napkins released their "QuickerDrunkenLouderHarder" EP
CD that featured six new songs.  They chose to make the EP a limited edition release, and only
pressed 5,000 copies, expecting to be sold out within two years.  12 years later, the EP has finally
sold the last remaining copies, and the album has been officially put to sleep.  For those of you out
there that never purchased a copy, you can still download the songs at dozens of sites, and of
course listen to them at YouTube.  Bad Stain also released the final pressing of NON's debut
album, "Waiting for Tomorrow" in the summer of 2017, and there are less than 200 copies
remaining.  "Waiting for Tomorrow" is still the best selling album from a Bad Stain Recording Artist
ever released.......excluding our compilation albums.  The #1 Best Selling Album that Bad Stain ever
released was actually, the "Punk til ya Poop" compilation CD.  "Waiting for Tomorrow" sold over
1,000 copies within the first week, and has gone on to sell over 11,000 copies total......so far.  
Although this is the albums last and final pressing, so anyone who wants to be able to hold the
physical disc in their hands should order soon, cuz once they're gone, they're gone for good.
One last bit of info.....As I'm sure most of you know, Chase Stain and Moe Money recently released
their signature instruments and listed them for sale.  Chase Stain wanted to expand his collection,
and offer several different models of guitars and bass guitars, all limited edition, with very unique
original features.  Over the past few weeks, he has worked on his signature series collection and
has officially added several instruments and pickups to his collection.  Stain will be adding a few
more items in a few weeks, which will complete his collection for the time being.  Stain will then
add a new guitar and bass guitar every year after that.  Chase Stain's Signature Series Collection"
can be viewed by clicking

                                                                      Bye for Now - Johnny L

10-30-2018        Moe Money Steps Down as Vice President of Bad Stain Records and is
Replaced by Nova Kaine Stain
Last week, Moe Money announced to all of the staff that he was stepping down as Vice President of
Bad Stain Records, due to the fact that he needs to focus more on his silk screening and T-shirt
manufacturing business, as well as his clothing company, "Urban Infidel Clothing".  Money feels as
though he cannot give the proper amount of time to the label needed as Vice President, so he
requested that we change his position in the company.  Money was replaced by my daughter, Nova
Kaine Stain, and although she is being thrust into the position much sooner than I had planned, I am
confident that she will be able to handle the job.  Nova will be handing all of the public relations and
promotions, as well as the social media and online duties.  She will also be working in the A & R
department, and managing all other branches of the label.  Moe will now be our Head of Distribution
and Merchandising, and will be in charge of all wholesale distribution of our physical products, and
will also be in charge of merchandise manufacturing, and art design work.  We are excited to have
the changes, and have a lot of exciting future plans in the works for 2019.  

Stay tuned.....

Chase Stain

9-24-2018        Numbers On Napkins Frontmen, Moe Money and Chase Stain, release their
signature music equipment
Moe Money and Chase Stain both unveiled their signature instruments this week, and they are
officially for sale now and available to view and purchase.  Moe Money released his signature Fender
Stratocastor with various modifications and a unique hybrid humbucking pickup, custom made by
Seymour Duncan.  Money requested that Seymour Duncan take their infamous "Invader" pickup and
put it along side their popular "Hot Rails" pickup, to make his signature "Hot Raiders" pickup, with
an original and unforgettable tone.  Chase Stain released his signature Fender Jagstang Bass, which
is a custom designed bass version of the Jagstang guitar that Kurt Cobain designed and had built by
Fender.  Stain's Jagstang Bass has a PJ Bass pickup configuration, and he had Seymour Duncan
Custom build his signature series "White Gold" bass pickups, designed especially for the Jagstang
Bass.  After designing the Jagstang Bass, Stain decided to create a couple of signature guitars as
well, to go along with his solo work.  All of Chase Stain's Signature Series Collection of instruments
can be viewed on his official website by clicking
HERE  Stain and Money's collection can be viewed
on Numbers On Napkins official website by clicking
HERE or you can visit our Merchandise Page

Time to make the donuts........

Nova Stain
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