3-15-2020        Paranoid Morons Across the U.S. Force Tour Cancellations, Official
Release Date for "Mill Avenue" Announced, and More Worthless Information
Due to the mass paranoia surrounding the Corona Virus, we are saddened to announce that all tours
and future shows from all Bad Stain Recording Artists have been cancelled.  We will be working
with our artists to reschedule as many of the shows as possible, and we will keep everyone up to
date with all future details.

Bad Stain Recording Artists, Johnny Laundromat and The Drycleaners, have officially announced the
release date for the bands upcoming ten inch vinyl record, "Mill Avenue".  The new record will hit
stores on May 15th, 2020, although fans can choose to pre-order the record if they prefer,
starting on May 8th, 2020.  I just want to point out that it's a little funny that Johnny Laundromat
and The Drycleaners chose to name their new album, "Mill Avenue"..........Numbers On Napkins just
released their new album, "From Buckeye To Beardsley", and it feels like Johnny and The
Drycleaners may have got a bit of inspiration from NON when naming their new album...........  So in
other words, Johnny Laundromat and The Drycleaners are copycats!

We also wanted to let everyone know that Justin Bleach can be a bit stupid at times, and last
month he informed everyone that we only had 12 copies of the "Punk til ya Puke" compilation CD
remaining, and that it was the only volume in the "Punk til ya..." series still in print.  Justin was
correct when he announced that we only had 12 copies left, although he must have forgotten about
the "Punk til ya Pass-Out" compilation CD, because we currently have hundreds of copies of that
album still available!  In any case, I want to let everyone know that we only have 7 copies of "Punk
til ya Puke" remaining, and the CD will not be repressed.  In addition, last month we ended up selling
the last few copies of the 946 West / Johnny Laundromat and The Drycleaners split ten inch
record.  The record was a limited edition release, and is no longer available.

Daisy Moonshine and The City Boys recorded pre-production material for the bands debut album,
and are currently polishing up their songs and preparing to start recording material for the album.  
The band hopes to start recording their debut release within the next few weeks.

Last, I wanted to let everyone know that after suffering with stomach cramps, and what I had
thought was a stomach virus for several weeks, I finally decided to check my self into the ER
earlier last week.  I ended up having to have emergency surgery, and the doctor's removed my gall
bladder.  I'm feeling much better, although it will take me another week or two before I'm fully
healed.  Over the next two weeks, I ask that everyone please allow me some time to get back to
them if you send me an email, or text or call me.

                                                                                      - Chase Stain

2-24-2020        Daisy Moonshine and The City Boys Hit the Studio, and "Mill Avenue" gets
sent to be manufactured
Daisy Moonshine and The City Boys surprised everyone when they announced that they are entering
the studio to start recording material for the bands debut release.  Daisy Moonshine recently
parted ways from her previous project, Daisy Moonshine and Her Redneck Brothers, and in just six
weeks, her new band has written enough material to start the recording process.  Daisy Moonshine
and The City Boys are hoping to release a ten inch record with thirteen tracks on Bad Stain by the
Fall of 2020.

Johnny Laundromat and The Drycleaners have completed recording and mixing their upcoming ten
inch record, and the master copy was sent out for mastering a few days ago.  The bands new record,
"Mill Avenue", should be mastered and fully ready to be sent to press within the next week!  The
band plans on announcing an official release date for their new record sometime in the next two or
three weeks, so check back for upcoming info, or visit us on social media.......with that being said,
please follow us on Instagram, subscribe to our new YouTube channel, and/or like us on FaceBook!

We also wanted to let everyone know that we have nearly sold out of the Johnny Laundromat and
The Drycleaners and 946 West split ten inch record, and we currently only have nine copies left!  
We also realized that we only have twelve remaining copies of the "Punk til ya Puke" compilation CD.  
"Punk til ya Puke" was the first installment in the "Punk til ya....." series of compilations, and was the
only remaining volume still available, as all of the other compilations are now out of print.  
Considering that none of the bands featured on "Punk til ya Puke" are currently active and
performing, we see no reason to repress the CD, and this will be the final pressing.  So we suggest
that anyone who wants a copy of either album make their purchase fast!

                                                                                    - Justin Bleach

2-8-2020        Johnny Laundromat and The Drycleaners Announce Title of Upcoming Album
Johnny Laundromat and The Drycleaners spent the last four weekends at The Distortion Factory in
Glendale, AZ recording the music for their new upcoming album.  The band recorded eleven songs
for the new release, and decided to name the new album, "Mill Avenue".  They chose to release the
songs on ten inch vinyl, with a limited pressing of only 1,800 copies.  The band has completed laying
down all of the tracks, although still need to get guest vocal tracks from fellow Bad Stain
Recording Artists Chase Stain, and Daisy Moonshine, as well as Megan Tyce.  The band hopes to
release the album this spring.

                                                                                          - Mohawk Brian

2-1-2020        Bad Stain FINALLY starts an Instagram Page, Johnny Laundromat and the
Drycleaners / 946 West Split Record nearly gone, and birthday wishes to our Vice President
We are proud to announce that we just started up the Official Bad Stain Records Instagram Page,
located at  We should have started an Instagram Account
years ago, but it was just one of those things that nobody got around to.........that is until our lovely
and talented Vice President and Head of Social Media insisted that it become a priority.  So please
take a minute to click the link and follow us on Instagram.

A few weeks ago, we announced that Bad Stain Recording Artists, 946 West, had decided to call it
quits, primarily due to creative differences between the band members.  After the announcement,
the bands only release on the label, the 946 West / Johnny Laundromat and The Drycleaners Split
ten inch record, started selling at a rapid pace.  The split ten inch record is a special collector's
edition record with a limited press run of only 2,000 copies.  As of the beginning of February, we
currently only have 32 copies of the record remaining!  In addition, all of the songs are exclusive to
the record and are not available to download legally anywhere online!  So once the record sells out
of copies, it's gone suckas!  So order a copy quick if you haven't got your copy yet.

Last, we all want to say Happy Birthday to our Vice President, Nova Kaine Stain.  Nova has been
working with her father to help the label in a variety of ways, and is also helping to design a special
custom made Gibson Les Paul guitar for Bad Stain Noise Weapons.  The new guitar is scheduled to
be released this summer, and is a limited build, with each guitar individually numbered.  Nova Kaine
Stain is designing the guitar with her father, Chase Stain, and the two have stated that their goal
is to produce an amazing, high quality guitar that is the perfect instrument for an individual that has
been learning, and is finally ready to move up to the next level.  The new guitar features special,
custom made pickups, made by Seymour Duncan, and comes with a certificate of authenticity.  We
will post additional info regarding the upcoming guitar in the next few weeks, so check back for

                                                                                 - Mohawk Brian  

1-13-2020        Daisy Moonshine and The City Boys Debut Show and Bad Stain Interview
With Our Fearless President, Chase Stain, and Dedicated Vice President, Nova Kaine Stain
We are thrilled to announce that Bad Stain's newest recording artist, Daisy Moonshine and The
City Boys, have announced the bands first show in Austin, Texas at Mohawk Bar on Saturday, March
28th.  The band has already written two original songs, and have a set with over twenty cover songs
from various punk bands.  Daisy Moonshine assured her fans that the band will have at least six
original songs to perform on the 28th, and they hope to have ten or twelve songs if possible.  
Moonshine also informed fans that the band is trying to enter the studio in early summer to start
recording pre-production songs for the album, and hope to start recording the bands debut full
length album by the winter of 2020.

Bad Stain's President and Vice President were asked by The Punk Rock Tribune to do an interview
with the independent fanzine late last month, and our President, Chase Stain, and Vice President, as
well as Chase Stain's daughter, Nova Kaine Stain, both agreed.  Just two weeks ago, Chase and Nova
Kaine met up with Stephanie Pratt at a West Phoenix Starbucks to perform the interview, and the
issue hits news stands on January 15th.  You can read the interview

Last week, we informed everyone that Redneck Ryan, Lucky McGraw, and Thump-Thump from Daisy
Moonshine and Her Redneck Brothers, started a new project called "Travel By Starlight" with
former "Wylde Life" guitarist and frontman Marcus Wylde.  Just a few days after posting the
announcement, Redneck Ryan contacted Bad Stain and informed us that the band members had
changed their mind, and decided to name the new band, "The Redneck Brothers".  Members are
currently writing new music, and hope to be performing live shows by Spring.  The band has asked to
join the Bad Stain family, and we are currently negotiating on some things, although we hope that
"The Redneck Brothers" end up calling Bad Stain home in the near future.

                                                                      - Justin Bleach

1-6-2020        Embarking into the future
Happy new year!  We hope you all a had a safe and fun filled New Years eve.  We are happy to
announce that Bad Stain's Numbers On Napkins received several positive reviews about the bands
full length album, "From Buckeye To Beardsley", and the band was given several awards, from
several publications, in several categories, including Best Comeback Album of the Year and Best
Cover Song of the Year!  NON was also included in several categories for the annual Hottest of
Phoenix issue from A.I.M.S. Magazine!  Check out the various press by clicking

Last week we announced that Daisy Moonshine and Her Redneck Brothers and 946 West have both
split up.  It's sad news, but the band members told their fans that they all plan on moving forward
with something new.  The West brothers, Caleb and Sean West, from 946 West posted that they
plan on starting a new project together and plan on keeping fans informed about future details.  
Redneck Ryan, Lucky McGraw, and Thump-Thump from Daisy Moonshine and Her Redneck Brothers
have started a new project called "Travel By Starlight" with former "Wylde Life" guitarist and
frontman Marcus Wylde.  Daisy Moonshine and Aaron Fuzz announced that they teamed up with
Redneck Brothers former guitarist, Charlie Riot, as well as a few other friends, to start their new
project, Daisy Moonshine and The City Boys.  The new band has a style that is similar to Daisy
Moonshine and Her Redneck Brothers, but promises to move beyond the previous band creatively.  
Daisy Moonshine and The City Boys just signed a two album, three year contract with Bad Stain, and
is currently writing material for the upcoming release.

Bad Stain's, Johnny Laundromat and The Drycleaners, entered the studio this weekend to start
recording the bands untitled upcoming album.  The band will be in and out of the studio over the
next few weeks, but hopes to release the new album in Spring of 2020.

                                                                           - Nova Kaine Stain

12-28-2019        So Long and Thanks for all the Riffs......
We just got some unfortunate news the days after Christmas, and it was followed up with more bad
news that we just obtained earlier this morning.  Bad Stain Recording Artists 946 West and Daisy
Moonshine and Her Redneck Brothers have both announced that they are breaking up.  Daisy
Moonshine and Her Redneck Brothers stated the break up was....."The result of internal conflicts
between members within the band", as well as "expanding their horizons with music, but each
member expanding in a different direction".  Both Daisy Moonshine and Redneck Ryan contacted the
label and let us know about the decision.  Caleb West, frontman for 946 West, contacted us around
ten or eleven, earlier this morning.  Caleb explained that the band had been on shaky ground for
some time, and told us that guitarist Christian Bradshaw had in fact quit the band four times in the
past three months.  Caleb told us that he and his brother had to beg Christian to continue on with
the band.  Christian apparently had started a side project that he became more and more happy
with, and wanted to pursue his other band full time.  Caleb said that on Christmas Eve, the bands
bassist, Levi Weston, informed the band that he was moving to Pennsylvania after the first of the
year.  Sean and Caleb said that they felt as though it was the universe telling them to throw in the
towel, and try something new.  So they told Christian that he should go pursue his other band full
time and wished him luck.  Both Caleb and Sean are planning on starting a new project in the near
future, and we will keep everyone up to date with any info regarding 946 West or Daisy Moonshine
and Her Redneck Brothers.  Other than that......we hope that all of you out there had a wonderful
Christmas and/or Hanuka, and wish you all a KICK ASS New Year!

                                                  - Justin Bleach

12-8-2019        Numbers On Napkins New Limited Edition EP Sells Out of Copies!
That's right!  Numbers On Napkins latest release, the "Ode to the Drink" EP is now out of print,
and we have sold all remaining copies of the CD.  The four song EP had a limited pressing of just 300
copies, and fans immediately started buying the CD when it hit stores on December 6th.  The EP
may be gone for good, but you can still check out the video for the single, "Ode to the Drink" on the
Bad Stain Records YouTube Page, and the original acoustic Irish Folk version is still available on
NON's full length album, "Borrachos, Chingasos Y Rucas", and the Irish Punk Rock version is still
available on NON's latest full length release, "From Buckeye To Beardsley".

                                                                - Mohawk Brian

11-17-2019        Happy Birthday.....Mr. President.....Happy Birthday To You.
We all want to wish our fearless leader, Chase Stain, the founder and president of Bad Stain
Records, a happy birthday!  Chase is pretty damn old now, and we are all starting to wonder how long
it will be before he starts developing a distinct old man smell of moth balls and Ben-Gay.  We do
have some news to share with everyone, starting off with the announcement of a brand new Bad
Stain Records YouTube Page!  

We started the Official Bad Stain YouTube page back in 2007, way before the website joined
forces with Google.  We posted several videos , but then  stopped because we didn't have any of our
recording artists make any new videos for several years.  When Numbers On Napkins was ready to
release their video for "Burpin' Our Way to New Mexico", we attempted to log in and post the
video, but realized that the website now required that you sign in using your Google E-Mail.  We
keep all of the labels information for websites in one of our file cabinets, but when we pulled out
the YouTube folder and checked the "Log In" information, we realized that there was no Google
Email associated with our account.  We still had all of the origimnal information from when we used
the account in the past, including the Username, Password, and the Yahoo Email address that was
originally associated with the account.  After reading over the YouTube FAQ's section and talking
with various members that had ended up in the same situation as us, we found out that there is no
way to ever log in and access the account again.  So we decided that we really had no choice but to
start a new YouTube page, and that's exactly what we did.  We have slowly been going through all of
our old files, searching for all of the videos that we posted on the old YouTube page, so that we can
upload those same videos to the new page.  It has ended up taking some serious time to locate all of
the old videos, but we are confident that we will eventually find them all, and get them all uploaded
and available for everyone to watch in the next few weeks.  We are also posting brand new videos
for everyone to enjoy, and we ask everyone to spread the news about the new page.  Check out
NEW Official Bad Stain Records YouTube Page to watch videos from all of your favorite Bad
Stain Recording Artists!  

Considering that we are introducing the new Bad Stain YouTube page to all of our fans, we thought
that this would be a good time to release the second music video single from Numbers On Napkins
new full length album, FROM BUCKEYE TO BEARDSLEY.  The new video is for the song, "Summer
Daze", and features footage of the band performing live at various music venues between 2007 and
2013.  So we are asking all of NON's fan's to take a few minutes to watch
Numbers On Napkins -
"Summer Daze" Official Music Video on YouTube.

We also want to let everyone know that several college and online radio stations have started to
put "Summer Daze" into rotation, and the single has been added to several playlists on various
websites as well.  If you listen to a particular station on a regular basis, please show your support
and request "Summer Daze" as often as possible!

Numbers On Napkins album, FROM BUCKEYE TO BEARDSLEY, and Daisy Moonshine and her
THEIR FAVORITE PUNK ROCK SONGS are now both available to purchase online at various
websites, including as well as The Bad Stain Records Facebook Shop.  We
understand that many fans out there would still rather go to their favorite little record store and
get a copy of the CD right away, so that they don't have to wait a few days to get the new album.  
We are happy to let everyone know that both albums are now currently available at dozens of
underground retail record stores across the U.S.  Most of our customers are located in the
southwest, so we have packed record stores in those areas with plenty of copies!  Fans in Southern
California can visit great stores like Amoeba Records, Dr. Strange Records, and Taang! Records,
and fans in Las Vegas and Tucson can visit any Zia Records location.  Fans in our home state of
Arizona can get the albums at any Zia Records location.....everyone in the East Valley....Chandler,
Gilbert, Mesa, Tempe, can visit Asylum Records or Grace Records.....Central Phoenix area can visit
The Record Room, The In Groove, Stinkweeds, or Bookman's.

Daisy Moonshine and her Redneck Brothers have made the decision to keep the songs from their
new album exclusive to their new CD.  The band has stated that they want to keep the album in the
underground scene and the band does not have any digital distribution or streaming audio available
from the album at this time.  Numbers On Napkins has taken the same approach in the past, but
made the decision to have digital distribution and streaming audio available for their latest album,
FROM BUCKEYE TO BEARDSLEY, 100 days after the release date.  NON wanted to allow only
their very loyal fans who were willing to purchase the physical CD that chance to hear the album
before anyone else.  FROM BUCKEYE TO BEARDSLEY was released a little over 100 days ago, and
fans are now able to download the album, or individual songs, as well as listen to streaming audio at
over one hundred different websites, including I-Tunes, Spotify, and more!

We also wanted to give everyone a quick update regarding Daymes Rocket.  The band has finished
recording their first single, and the song has been cleaned up and edited, and is currently in the
process of being mixed.  The band will have a copy of the song this upcoming weekend, and plans on
submitting the track to us for approval this Saturday evening, assuming that the band is happy with
the final mix and ready to move forward.  If all goes well, The single will be sent off to be
mastered this Sunday, and ready to be sent out to our manufacturer in late November.

The last thing we want to announce is that Numbers On Napkins upcoming limited edition "Ode to
the Drink" EP CD will be available to Pre-Order starting 11/29/2019, exactly one week prior to the
official release date on 12/6/2019.  Full details on how to pre-order will be available at
The Bad
Stain Records Facebook Page a few days before November 29th, and considering that NON's
"ODE TO THE DRINK" EP has a limited edition press run of just 300 copies, we highly recommend
that anyone who wants to ensure that they get a copy should place their order on the 29th, or as
soon as possible.

                                                               - Justin Bleach

10-28-2019        NON sets release date for upcoming "Ode to the Drink" EP
Numbers On Napkins has set the release date for their new limited edition EP.  The CD will be
available on December 6th, 2019, and have a limited edition pressing of just 300 copies.  Bad Stain
will most likely set up a pre-order option a week or two prior to the release date, so check back for
more info in the near future!

                                                           - Johnny Laundromat
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