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Published by Bad Stain Records, Phoenix, Arizona USA

ISBN  1-176913-666-2

First Published in the U.S. by Bad Stain Records in 2006.

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Manufactured by Stained Designs:
  INTRODUCTION                                                                 1

CHAPTER ONE                                                                                      4
"Excerpts from a Deaf Man's Diary"

CHAPTER TWO                                                                                   13
"The Performance of a Lifetime"

CHAPTER THREE                                                                               17
"Selling Poetry for Peanuts"

CHAPTER FOUR                                                                                 31
"Subtle Noise Transferred into the Box"

CHAPTER FIVE                                                                                    47
"Pictures from Italy"

CHAPTER SIX                                                                                      69
"Extra, Extra,  Read All About It"

CHAPTER SEVEN                                                                               77
"A Complete Guide to all Things Manufactured"

CHAPTER EIGHT                                                                                89
"Contacting the Dead"

CHAPTER NINE                                                                                 101
"Supporting the Ones You Love"

CHAPTER TEN                                                                                  117
"The Top Ten Places to Meet New Faces"

ABOUT THE AUTHOR                                                             133
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