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News for October
Halloween is just a month away!  HOORAY! First off, congrats to the
winners of our first contest!  For those of you who still don't know, we
have started a fan club for our male and female fans.  For years, people
have been hearing about The West Side Weasels and The
Weaselettes.  Now you can become a fan yourself!  It's free, just add
them as a friend to your MySpace account.  Guys
CLICK HERE.  By joining you get added into tons of contests and
giveaways.  For those of you who want to get even more free shit and
invites to private parties and other junk, you can pay an annual fee of
$8.99 and become either a "Gold" Weasel or "Pink" Weaselette.  
More info is on the MySpace pages.  We hope everyone joins and
takes advantage of all the free stuff!  With that being said, this month
we are giving away 2 FREE shirts and 1 FREE Contest entry into our
"Borrachos" Contest!   Winners will be informed on November 1st.  If
you think this months prizes are amazing, wait until November!  We
have some really great prizes we are giving away, just for being a fan!  
And if you pay your small membership fee of $8.99, you will be entered
into even more contests!  Plus, it helps us out with our broken tour bus,
the debt we have in merch, gas for touring, and every expense you can
think of.  

For those of you wondering, our music video shoot for our next single,
"Go Away" went very well.  You can view it on our official MySpace
Page by clicking
HERE or on Youtube, IFilm, and many more!

We will also be adding a few new additions to the band very soon.  
Chase will soon be retiring as our Manager, Agent, Publicist and A&R
Rep.  We will be filling in the gaps over the next few months.  Anyone
interested in helping, please contact us.  We will be accepting resumes
and taking interviews until January 1st.  We also will be picking up 2
new sponsors at the end of the month, we will announce them asap!

We are also accepting Pre-Orders for the First Edition Pressing of our
new CD "Borrachos, Chingasos Y Rucas".  The First Pressing is
limited to only 500 copies, each hand numbered, and designed with an
alternative packaging.  Plus the CD will contain an extra unreleased
bonus track, not on future pressings of the album!  Each pre-order
comes with a FREE Signed poster, and an entry into the "Borrachos
Contest" to win tons of prizes including a guitar autographed by the
band!  Entries are limited to the first 300 people who pre-order.  Odds
of winning a prize are 1 in 12.  
to Pre-Order our new CD,
"Borrachos, Chingasos Y Rucas"
(First Edition Limited
Edition Pressing)
and an autographed poster......
and enter to win an autographed
guitar, the full catalog of all
releases on Bad Stain Records,
and tons of other prizes!  This first
edition pressing is limited to only
500 copies, comes in special
collector's packaging, and has an
exclusive unreleased bonus track
that will not be released on
additional pressings of the album.  
Odds of winning the Grand Prize is
only 1 in 300, and overall odds of
winning any prizes are less than 1
in 12!  Get more details and enter
the "Borrachos" Contest by
Contest Entries Limited to
the first 300 people who
Enter.  There are currently
entries left.
Click the "ADD TO CART"
Button to Pre-Order the CD,
Poster and Enter the Contest for
just $25.00 Via Paypal, Visa,
Discover or Mastercard
Click the "BUY NOW" Button to
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