The History
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The History
Dirty Laundry formed on January 2nd, 1994. At that time the band was made up
of Kory Ochsner on Drums, Brandon Hound on guitar, Jones on guitar, and
Chase Stain on bass. After the first few weeks, Ochsner moved on from the
band. Brandon Hound took up drumming and they got lead singer Marcus
Shortly after, Brandon Hound started on guitar again, and they chose Charles
Duffy to become their new drummer. Looman then left the band to perform with
his main project Regiment.
Stain and Hound became the new lead singers. The four young lads went into
the studio and recorded their first E.P. "9 1/2 Months", and released it on Bad
Stain Records in 1994. Shortly after, Duffy left Dirty Laundry to pursue his other
band "Corrupt Citizen" and Jones left the band for creative differences and later
joined "D-I-X".
Dirty Laundry got Billy Horner to become their temporary drummer, but his band
Subject Mad took up most of his time. Horner introduced Hound and Stain to
Ryan Hamilton, who became their full time drummer.
Dirty Laundry was now a trio and released their second E.P. "All Washed Up" on
Bad Stain in 1995, and followed with a live album titled "Jiz Mac Attack in the
Butt Crack". Dirty Laundry began touring through states along the west coast
promoting the album during summer break when they didn't need to be
attending school. They released their debut full length "Tales from the Laundry
Room" on Bad Stain in January of 1996.
After touring for the album, Hound left the band for creative differences, leaving
Stain the only original member. Hamilton and Stain recruited a new guitarist,
Tokyo Bill.
Bill, Stain and Hamilton once again started performing statewide and released
their album "Songs to Wash Clothes to..." in 1997. The band played out and
promoted the album, and Hamilton left the band to pursue college. Bill and Stain
had Brandon Hound fill in for Hamilton for a few months, but the band had gone
through so many members it seemed more work then fun. They finally ended
the band in 1999.
Shortly after calling it quits, Dirty Laundry reformed. Stain graduated to lead
vocals and guitar. Their new drummer was Joe Detergent, and a new bassist
Justin Bleach. Finishing the line up was Johnny Laundromat on lead guitar and
backup vocals. Dirty Laundry once again started touring and eventually entered
the studio to record a new album. During the recording process, the bands drug
problems increased. Detergent passed away before laying down his drum
tracks, leaving the band devastated.
Three months later Bleach was incarcerated for possession of illegal substance.
Laundromat could not deal with all of the tragedies surrounding the band and
moved to California to pursue his other band Duckoff and Fie.
Stain moved on to play bass for the band Numbers On Napkins. Dirty Laundry
played with some great bands including Link 80, Total Chaos, Lagwagon,
Sublime, Buckwild, 22 Jacks, Against All Authority, Sam the Butcher, Mandingo,
The Generiks and Drain Bramaged.  In 2005 they won the award for Best Retired
Band at the 2005 AZ Ska-Punk Awards. Even with all the love from their fans,
they currently have no plans to reform Dirty Laundry.
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