Support our Friends - Great punk site focused around the AZ scene.
Romp - A fun site.  If you've got time to kill, check this one out.
Fearless Records - Official Website.
E.T.T.S. - You want Metal?  This is as hard as it gets. - Great ska site focused around the AZ scene.
The Corrupt - Kick ass ska-punk from Phoenix.
Stereotyperider - A really good local AZ band on Suburban Home Records.
2 Dimes - Local AZ Punk at its best.
Oktober - Punk rock blues.
Girl Kicks Boy - Great punk with strong female vocals.
Lobster Records - Official Website.
The Meat Department - Creators of Heavy Meatle.
Mr. Plow - Canada has a Mad Plow Disease problem
Numbers on Napkins - Bad Stain Recording artists Numbers On Napkins official website.
Helen's Wheels - AZ Punk Rock formed from the ashes of D-I-X.
The Route 66 Killers - Surf Horror Punk featuring Jones formely of D-I-X.
Bad Stain Records My Space Page - I think the name says it all.
Chase Stain MySpace Page- My Space page for the founder of Bad Stain Records Solo Project.
Interpunk - Wide selection of Punk Rock Music!
Smartpunk - Great Punk Music for Low Prices!
Gargeband - Find various Artists and discover new music.
CDBaby - A great place to find new bands.
The Dames - Hawt Chicks and Punk Rock.
Numbers On Napkins Fanpage - Fanpage for Numbers On Napkins.
Total Punk Radio - Online music that is full of the Punk Songs you want to hear!
MAD Presents - Booking for AZ and So Cal.
KALT - Online Radio from AZ.
Plain White T's - Chicago Rock on Fearless Records.
Shark Pants - Recess Recording Artists from Tuscon.
My Doll - Female punk rock from AZ.
Labor Party - Always a party when this local AZ band is performing.
Line of Fire - Tuscon Punk Rock with a Metal edge.
Last Action Zeros - Old School Punk Rock.
The January Taxi - Amazing music from AZ.
Authority Zero - Lava Recording Artists from AZ.
Red Letter Media - DVD and Music Video from AZ Bands.
Calabrese - The greatest Horror Punk band from AZ....make that from anywhere.
Blanche Davidian - Punk from AZ that will make you wanna torch something.
13 Black - Hard, Fast, and Punk Fucking Rock.
Redfield - Awesome Rock with a punk edge.
Don't Let Go - Hard Metal Influenced Punk in the same vein as Thrice.
The Necronauts - Rock with an original style unlike anything.
Hollow - Rock music for true rockers.
Ad Nauseam - Pop Punk for Greenday Fans.
Reno Divorce - Colorado Punk similar to Social D.
Andifiperish - Amazing Screamo from Indiana.
Sigma - Metal Punk from AZ.
Streetside Prophet - Jawbreaker influenced Rock with a punk edge.
All Too Much - In yer face Punk from AZ.
Idiot Kin - Melodic Pop Punk from AZ.
The Queers - Pop Punksters  that have been around since Nam.
Blue Fur - Female Fronted Rock that is amazing.
Luckyman/AMJ Concerts - Booking for AZ.
The Dietrichs - The greatest Ska-Punk band in AZ.
Family Secret - Punk Rock from AZ.
Dirty Laundry - First Punk band signed to Bad Stain.
AIM Awads - Arizona Music Awards show paying tribute to the scene.
The Clubhouse - AZ Venue in Tempe worth checking out.
The Revenge - Featuring members of Stereotyperider and Mob 40's.
Dirty Laundry - The very first Bad Stain Recording Artist.
Three Chord Mafia - Bad Stain Recording Artists - A great site that can help out with software you may be looking for.
ATM MySpace Page - Name says it all.
Numbers On Napkins MySpace Page - Yep.
ATM - Officail website of Bad Stain Recording Artists ATM.
Chase Stain - Official website for Chase Stain.
Mr. Plow MySpace Page - Woot Woot!
D-I-X MySpace Page - MySpace page for this former Bad Stain Recording Artist.