Arizona Local Legends Collection: Volume #1


Cassette Style USB Flashdrive

The Arizona Local Legends Collection Series is dedicated to various bands from Arizona that have helped to inspire and influence other local musicians, and shape Arizona's local music scene. The Generiks are featured as the first recording artist included in the series, and their unique style of raw, driven, and in your face punk rock makes them unlike any other local band before them, or since. Volume One of the AZ Local Legends Collection is a complete history and discography of the band, all contained on a cassette style USB Flashdrive. The album looks just like a classic audio cassette, set inside of a plastic case with a full color cover and album artwork. The USB port slides out of the bottom portion of the faux cassette, and can be inserted into a home computer, laptop, or car stereo. The flashdrive contains every song from every album that The Generiks released during their career, as well as twelve previously unreleased studio tracks that had been recorded for their final album, and a live recording of the band's reunion performance in 2004 at the Black N' Tan in Phoenix, Arizona. In addition, the cassette style flashdrive also includes band photography, pictures of old concert flyers, music videos, tour footage, album and song credits, a complete album discography, band member information, and a band biography written by local musician, business owner, and longtime Generiks fan, Chase Stain.



1. Have a Seat

2. Nazi

3. Babysitter

4. Troubled Sand

5. Gyro Eat your Slop

6. Love Should Be a Sin

7. Cowboy Song

8. Intro

9. No Spring Chicken

10. Mohawk

11. Dog

12. Squid City

13. Monstrosity of Love

14. I Hate You

15. Carphone Sex

16. Life's Disease

17. Fetus




1. Skinny Marie

2. My Song

3. Tuna Pond

4. Fetus

5. Dream Baby

6. Vatos

7. 6969 E Mary Jane Lane

9. Fruit Fly

10. Seed


1. 1,000 Miles

2. Ella Me Dumpio

3. Rebellion

4. Blown Away

5. Carphone Sex


1. A Thousand Miles

2. Blown Away

3. Rebellion

4. Regret

5. Ella Me Dumpio

6. Let It Go

7. Pablo

8. Funtastic

9. Chicken Bone

10. Riot Girl

11. Still Life

12. Shout!*


1. Track One

2. Icky Mole

3. Sick of You

4. Way Back Home

5. Jimmy's in Love with his Teacher

6. What Do You Say

7. The Devil in You

8. Burnin' Bridge

9. Daddy's Girl

10. Track Ten

11. Gone Forever

12. Little Sister


1. Introduction (Live)

2. Welcome Back* (Live)

3. Have a Seat / Nazi (Live)

4. Monstrosity of Love (Live)

5. No Spring Chicken (Live)

6. A Thousand Miles (Live)

7. Vatos (Live)

8. Riot Girl (Live)

9. Blown Away (Live)

10. Intermission (Live)

11. Carphone Sex (Live)

12. Tender Boogers (Live)

13. Tuna Pond (Live)

14. Babysitter (Live)

15. Rebellion (Live)

16. Fetus / Dream Baby (Live)

17. Shout!* (Live)


- MP3 Files - featuring over 70 tracks from the band. Includes all of the songs from every release from The Generiks, as well as the bands previously unreleased album, and a live recording of The Generiks reunion performance at the Black N' Tan in 2004!

- The Official Biography of Generiks - PDF file of The Generiks biography, written by Chase Stain.

- The Generiks Discography - PDF file featuring a detailed list about all of the bands releases over the span of the bands career, including album artwork, release dates, credits, and more.

- Band Member Information - PDF file with information about every band member throughout the history of the band.

- MP4 Video Files - Featuring music videos for over a dozen popular Generiks songs, as well as tour footage and other video content.

- JPEG Files - Various pictures of The Generiks throughout their career. Album photo shoots, live photography, tour photo's, party photo's, photography with close friends and family, old concert flyers, and other photography.