1. Liza and Lousie  "Featuring Amber Swift"  (NOFX)
2. On the Outside "Featuring Chase Stain and Rose Sunshine"  (No Use For A Name)
3. Too Drunk To Fuck  (Dead Kennedy's)
4. Fuck the Border "Featuring Wes Syde" (Propagandhi)
5. Flies First Class  (Good Riddance)
6. I Hired Boba Fett to Kill my Sister's Ex-Fiancé  (Dirty Laundry)
7. Against the Grain  "Featuring Johnny Laundromat"  (Bad Religion)
8. The Crowd  "Featuring Rose Sunshine"  (Operation Ivy)
9. I Don't Wanna Hear It  "Featuring E-Phekt"  (Minor Threat)
10. Skulls  (The Misfits)
11. Hate Your Friends  (Lemonheads)
12. Beer Goggles  (Lagwagon)
13. Population Control  (Strung Out)
14. Boxcar  (Jawbreaker)
15. Anthem for a New Tomorrow  "Featuring Jason Martinez and Jen Soren"  (Screeching Weasel)
Daisy Moonshine & Her Redneck
Brothers - Perform Their Favorite
Punk Rock Songs          CD
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Daisy Moonshine and her Redneck Brothers are back, this time
playing their own unique versions of their favorite punk rock songs
from the bands that helped inspire them!  The bands new album,
"Perform Their Favorite Punk Rock Songs" includes fifteen tracks,
with special guest performances from Rose Sunshine, Chase Stain,
Johnny Laundromat, Jason Martinez, Jen Soren, Amber Swift,  Wes
Syde, and E-Phekt.  The album was recorded at four different
locations, allowing the band to produce a unique blend of songs
with a varioety of styles.  Most of the tracks were recorded at
Orange and Green Studios in Austin, Texas, and were engineered
and mixed by Tom Kaiser.  Although the band also recorded at
Bunker 129 in Tucson, Arizona, and had Perry Lincoln engineer the
songs.  They also recorded at Ace Digital Audio Recording and
Mixing in Escondido, California, and had Stone Johnston engineer
the music.  Daisy Moonshine and her Redneck Brothers also
recorded one track at Columbus Studios in El Paso, Texas, and
guitarist, Aaron Fuzz engineered and mixed the track  Aaron Fuzz
also mixed the other tracks on the album, except for the songs
recorded at Orange and Green Studios.  The band also chose to
self produce the album, although they did have everyone who
engineered songs give input as well, helping to diversify their
sound.  The band also insisted that the album be a limited edition
release, and only 1,500 copies will be pressed, with each copy
hand numbered!