1. Trapped in Paradise
2. Marrow Gold

1. Coma
2. Blisters on My Soul
Rose Sunshine - Trapped in Paradise
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    Bad Stain Records proudly presents the debut release from Rose Sunshine, half
sister of Bad Stain Recording Artist Daisy Moonshine.  Rose and Daisy have been
making music together since they were just kids, so it was no surprise that when Daisy
Moonshine formed her band, "Daisy Moonshine & Her Redneck Brothers", she had
Rose perform several songs with her, and even had Rose record lead vocals for a
duet on the record, as well as had her perform backup vocals on two other tracks.  
After the release of the first album from "Daisy Moonshine & Her Redneck Brothers",
Rose Sunshine decided to record and release a record of her own, and Bad Stain
was happy to work with her on the project.
  Rose decided to release a four song seven inch record and recorded two of the
songs with Manny Smalls at Blood Moon Recordings and the other two at Bazooka
Studios with Dave Robiduex.  All four tracks were produced by Chase Stain, and
mixed by Manny Smalls at Blood Moon Recordings and Mastered by Dave Shirk at
Sonorous Mastering.  
   Rose Sunshine's debut record, "Trapped in Paradise" is a limited edition release,
and we only pressed 1200 copies of the album, with the first 300 copies on swirled
purple and black vinyl, and the remaining 900 copies on swirled pink and black vinyl.
    "Trapped in Paradise" has a very diverse sound, with all four tracks having a very
different sound.  The title track, "Trapped in Paradise" is an energetic and melodic
pop punk track, but is followed by the song "Marrow Gold" that has a strong classic
rock style and has been described as sounding like Heart and Led Zepplin.  Side B
starts off with the song "Coma", that has a strong and heavy hardcore thrash sound
that blends with an electronica techno style.  The final track,"Blisters on my Soul" has
a bluegrass style with dual banjos, but blends into a skapunk song, leaving the
listener very impressed with the overall diversity that is on the B Side of the album.