1. Solo Cups and Shotgun Shells
2. Knockin' Out The Bitch
3. Four Wheelin' and Mud Rompin' in the Ford
4. Gone Fishin'
1. Whiskey
2. Gentlemen Prefer Me
3. Cool Smooth Stranger in Snakeskin Boots
4. El Paso
5. Jenny B. Goode*
Daisy Moonshine & Her Redneck
Brothers - Bellis Perrenis.....
LIMITED EDITION   10 Inch Record
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The highly anticipated debut release from Daisy Moonshine and her
Redneck Brothers features 8 original tracks, and an adaptation
cover of Johnny B. Goode, called Jenny B. Goode.  This ten inch
record has a limited pressing of just 1,000 copies.  100 copies on
"Hillbilly Brewed Moonshine Clear", 200 copies on "Daisy Petal
White", 300 copies on "Redneck Red", and 400 copies on regular
black vinyl.  This female fronted bluegrass anti-folk psychobilly
cowpunk group has received rave reviews in their hometown of El
Paso, Texas from various publications.  A show review in "Lone Star
Underground Magazine" described their live show as, "the highlight
of the evening...a highly energetic performance that resulted in
pure mayhem and havoc both on stage and off.....  Daisy
Moonshine radiates a raw sexual presence while on stage, as she
belts out her screaming vocals full of angst and rage.  Moonshine's
unique voice is dripping with sex, but at the same time you can hear
the deep pain emerge as her voice quivers and cracks, sounding
as though she is fighting to hold back her tears while she sings her
heartfelt lyrics.  Although Moonshine can quickly turn off the hurt in
her voice and thrust her vocals into pure rage, generating a strong
pissed off attitude of anger and frustration.  Moonshine emits
sexuality as she slowly rubs her hands up and down her glistening
wet slender tattooed body, caressing her inner thighs and breasts
throughout her performance.  Throughout the 45 minute set,
Moonshine poured beer all over her four male bandmates and her
own body too many times to keep track of, and constantly
encouraged both male and female fans to pour their drinks on her,
and themselves, and I can only imagine the bar was loving the
increase in alcohol sales for the night.  With the band and several
fans soaked and dripping in booze, Moonshine removed shirts from
several male audience members, literally ripping shirts off of many
of the men, and proceeded to drag a male fan on stage during an
extended guitar solo and slide her tongue up and down the abs and
chest of fan, grabbing his hands and forcing them on her hips and
breasts.  When the fan attempted to kiss her, she abruptly stopped
her outlandish behavior and separated herself from the fan, calling
the fan a "sick fucking pervert" and picked up the mic and started
singing the next verse of the song.  The sexual charged stunt left a
feeling of tension in the crowd, and during the bands next song,
Moonshine exploded with energy, running across the stage and
climbing up the side stage curtain and swinging herself to the
lighting fixtures, dangling from the fixtures by her calves like a child
playing on a jungle gym.  Moonshine completed singing the song,
and started small talk with the crowd as soon as it ended.  
Moonshine asked members if they were enjoying the show, and
seemed somewhat hazy, but at total ease, and joyful, especially
considering that she was dangling 30 feet above the fans, who were
standing on a hard concrete floor.  As she made her way across the
fixture, swinging from bar to bar as fans cringed and hoped that she
wouldn't lose her grip, Moonshine announced that the next song
they played was the final song in their set.  Immediately following
her announcement, the bands drummer started in with a snare
drumroll that was followed by a very fast up tempo punk rock beat
as a distorted bass guitar started performing a complex and very
fast scale.  Feedback from both guitars seemed to echo through
the venue before both guitarists started playing fast paced riffs.  
Moonshine dangled by her left hand while screaming lyrics into the
mic and swinging herself back and forth on the bars of the lighting
fixture.  As she finished the chorus, a metal influenced guitar solo
screeched through the venue and Moonshine released her grip and
plummeted towards the ground.  Fans raised their hands, catching
the singer, thus preventing serious injury to the petite and energetic
performer.  Moonshine made her way across the hands of the fans,
rolling her way back onto the stage as the band started the final
chorus of the final song.  As Moonshine sang the last line of the
chorus, she grabbed the microphone stand and swung it into one of
the guitar amps, as guitarist Redneck Ryan jumped off stage in a
front flip.  Feedback and a distorted bass with flanger effect and on
a tremelo loop bounced through the club as bassist Lucky McGrath
performed a cartwheel into the bands drumset, knocking over
drummer Hillbilly Billy, who immediately grabbed the bass and
began smashing it over the drums.  Daisy Moonshine slowly walked
across the stage during the chaos, sporting a raised middle finger
as she spit blood into the crowd, and exited at the back end of the
stage with Lucky McGrath and Hillbilly Billy, both covered in blood
from cuts and scrapes.  Second guitarist Charlie Riot laid still in the
center of the stage, after smashing his guitar on the floor, as
Redneck Ryan pulled himself back on the stage while screaming, "I
need fucking whiskey!".  As Redneck Ryan walked across the stage
to exit, he kicked his bandmate Charlie Riot in the side, causing
Charlie to jump to his feet and tackle Ryan, forcing the two
guitarists to fall down the back stage staircase.  Shrieking feedback
bellowed through the crowd, as fans clapped and cheered, and
laughed with looks of shock on their faces.  I could hear everyone
discussing the bands performance in amazement.  As the sound
tech shut off the noise from broken equipment, I made my way
towards the backstage to meet with the band.  I had just witnessed
the most insane, wild, crazy, energetic, sex infused show that I had
ever seen, and wanted to meet the band...."  Pick up a copy of the
new record at Interpunk today, before it sells out!