Chase Stain

The First Quarter

Bad Stain Records President and Co-Frontman of the punk influenced band, Numbers On Napkins, presents “The First Quarter: January, February, and March”, his first full length release, featuring all of the songs included on the first three EP’s of his collectible “Month” series CD’s,. Every track from the “January”, “February”, and “March” EP’s are on this full length! Plus, 2 new, previously unreleased songs titled, “The Dishes Are Done Man” and “Rape is no laughing matter, unless you are raped by a comedian”.


1. Intro

2. Romantic Comedy

3. Rape is No Laughing Matter, Unless You Are Raped By A Comedian

4. March

5. Rose Red

6. Pussy on Tap

7. Dinner and a Movie

8. Liquor Taco

9. The Jen Gornick Infatuation

10. Broken

11. Hey Suburbia*

12. All Up In Dis Mug

13. Cinderella Syndrome

14. January

15. Miss Lead

16. Bruises

17. The Dishes Are Done Man

18. True Love

19. Bye For Now*

20. I Think I'm Falling for Shannah McClure

21. Old Fashioned Punk

22. February