Chase Stain

72 Hours of Caffeine, Nicotine,

Sleep Deprivation and Pain

“72 Hours of Caffeine, Nicotine, Sleep Deprivation and Pain” is a unique musical experiment that took place in mid January of 2007 when Chase Stain (Numbers On Napkins / Dirty Laundry / Forever Falling / Yars Revenge) injured his back. After the injury, Stain locked himself in his home for 72 hours and shut off all contact to the outside world. Stain stayed awake for the full 72 hours, writing and recording songs for the CD. During the 72 hour period, Stain took the pain killers and muscle relaxers prescribed by his doctor, and drank coffee and smoked cigarettes to help stay awake. “72 Hours...” is a result of what Stain’s mind created during that 3 day time period. Limited to 500 copies and currently out of print.


1. Alright I'll put on the girl pants, but there had better be a huge check involved

2. New School Groove

3. Rat Velvet

4. Buffalo Wings of Heaven

5. These Pretzels are Making me Thirsty

6. You're just like your mother, can't take a punch