The History of the
West Side Weasels DVD
Featuring 2 hours of home movies filmed
over 10 years of the West Side Weasels
history,  this DVD will prove that nobody
can possibly have as much fun as The
West Side Weasel Crew.  From flouring
friends, to destroying houses, the WSW
boys cause havoc from the streets of
Phoenix, to the beaches of San Diego.  
Travel with the Crew through Halloween
parties, house parties, and parties at the
Drunken Workshop!  Watch live footage
from Bad Stain Records Recording Artists
Numbers On Napkins, and watch good
friends mess with each other while they
are passed out.  Stare in Amazement as
the Crew tattoos each other and laugh out
loud as one of the Weasels smokes an
entire cigarette as he sleeps!  Produced
and Edited by Chase Stain, and filmed by
the entire West Side Weasel Crew, this
DVD was originally a Christmas gift for all
of the Weasels from Bad Stain Records,
and is now available for YOU and your
entire CREW of friends to laugh at.  You'll
laugh, You'll Cry, and then you'll
ponder......why did I waste my hard earned
cash on this?
Watch a clip from "The History of the West Side Weasels" DVD
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