Mr. Plow

Mad Plow Disease

The third album of ridiculous filthy punk/folk from this crusty punk bouncer and Fishbone roadie. Hey, the song D.O.A. is a pretty funny indictment of the modern era Shithead ensemble on the road, and there are enough laughs to be found on any Plow album that I can truthfully say we listened to all three CDs back to back to back in the office last week. Speaking of Fishbone, bassist/singer Norwood Fisher and guitarist Rocky George are part of Mr. Plow’s band on this release. Amazing. A solo acoustic punk folker who has been running around since '97 spreading filth throughout the land. He has been described as the bastard son of El Duce (from the Mentors) to the reincarnation of GG Allin, without the flinging pooh. Check him out when he hit's your town, cuz he's gonna hit it hard.


1. Crackhead Mama

2. Are you really a guy?

3. D.O.A.

4. Brian's Song

5. Officer B.J.

6. I hate you

7. Meat Truck Carnival

8. Bitch Slap Me Face

9. Morning Boner

10. Me-Fist-O

11. Fuck You

12. I Wanna Be

13. Piggy

14. Me Boy's Got Rickets

15. Drunk and Passed Out

16. God Complex

17. That's OK

18. I Wanna Fugly