Numbers On Napkins

Waiting for Tomorrow

The debut release from Numbers On Napkins went on to become the best selling album from a single artist that Bad Stain has ever released. Recorded by the legendary Aaron Carey (Megadeth, Linkin Park, Vanilla Ice, Stevie Nicks), Waiting For Tomorrow contains 10 songs of melodic pop punk in the same style as Blink 182 and Bad Religion, with a twist of Guttermouth. Includes the popular single, “Runaway”, which received significant airplay on several stations and was nominated for “Song of the Year” at the 2004 AZ Ska Punk Awards, as well as the chart topping single, “True Love”, which became the #1 Best Punk Rock Love Song on the All Time Charts at GarageBand.Com in early 2005, and held the #1 position until the website went under in 2009.


1. Runaway

2. Feelin' Down

3. Broken

4. One for the Seventh

5. 42 Things You Don't Know About Women

6. Boobies

7. Burning Bridges

8. True Love

9. Quit Yer Job and Become a Rockstar

10. Fat Girls