The Imports

The Imports

The Imports infectious style of pop punk is sure to catch your ear. This is the debut release from these Buffalo Pop-Punkers, featuring eleven tracks that are in the same vein as Blink 182 and The Parasites, with an occasional hint of Screeching Weasel. The Imports have thrown in the towel, but their album is timeless. Songs like “Amber” are catchy with heartfelt and endearing lyrics about the hottest girl around that likes Star Wars. Other songs just make you laugh, like the track “Crackhead”, that is a plea to “Just Say No”, because everyone they know is a crackhead, and they don't want to be a crackhead too.


1. Bitchen K-Car

2. No Thanks

3. Honestly

4. Ordinary Life

5. Hold On

6. Amber

7. All the Way Down

8. Four Going on Five

9. Two Ninety Five

10. Crackhead

11. How Does it Feel?