Various Artists

The Mongolian Wild Turkey Baby Back Rib And Cheesy, But Yet Oh-So Spicy Stuffed Jalapeno Homemade Chili And Waffle Cookout And Square Dancing Barbeque Finals Volume #4

After months of hard work, Bad Stain Records finally released their first compilation fact, it was the first release from the label that was available on CD format. The overwhelming success of the album inspired Bad Stain President, Chase Stain, to repress several earlier releases on CD format. The fourth installment of the “Mongolian Wild Turkey.....” series featured an incredible mix of amazing bands, including Welt, Link 80, Drunk in Public, Ferd Mert, Subject Mad, Stinkaholic, Veteran Flashbax, Whippersnapper, Dirty Laundry, Go for Broke, 30 Foot Fall, Yellow Sloth Chicken Broth and more!!


1. Welt “Really part 2”

2. Ferd Mert “Did I mention that the winter sucks?”

3. Dirty Laundry “Politically Incorrect”

4. Go For Broke “Cartoon Song”

5. 30 Foot Fall “People are Stupid”

6. Subject Mad “Circle K Crew”

7. Adam's Alcoholic's “Pedofile”

8. Yellow Sloth Chicken Broth “Jack wants a monkey”

9. Link 80 “Turn it Around”

10. Whippersnapper “New School Anthem”

11. Throwdowns “Better Than You”

12. Drunk in Public “Everyday”

13. Veteran Flashbax “Change”

14. Beezle Bullies “Yeah”

15. Stinkaholic “Ingnorance”

16. Big Wig “Stops”

17. Left Alone “In My Blood”

18. Superstars of Professional Wrestling “My Beer”

19. Superglue “You're a Stupid Prick”

20. The Feds “Fuck the Girl”

21. The Jackoffs “Fat Monkey Burger”

22. Scrum “Nothing to Say”

23. Indeps “Out on the Town”

24. Ridiculum “Oh Well”

25. Miscreants “I Shot 2 Pac”

26. The Modocs “Mission Impossible”

27 Little Green Men “Isosceles”

28. The Go-Go Rays “Sick World”