Dirty Laundry

Jiz Mac Attack in the Butt Crak (Live)

In the summer of 1995, Dirty Laundry released their only live album. The band wasn't happy with the recording, and requested that the recording be released on cassette only, to keep the album in the underground. In addition, the cassette was limited to only 200 copies. The album featured Dirty Laundry performing a 30 minute set, performing songs from “9 1/2 Months”, “All Washed Up”, and even “Tales from the Laundry Room”, that wasn't released until a year later. The cassette also showcased Dirty Laundry's rendition of “Fucked Up” originally performed by The Lemonheads. The cassette is a must have for collector's. This album is so rare, we don't even own a copy! The cassette went on to sell all 200 copies, and is currently out of print. All of the tracks are available on “Harmonies from the Hamper - The Complete History of Dirty Laundry” limited edition collector’s Box Set, released in January of 2021.


1. The Birthday Song

2. Disagreement

3. Hollow Person

4. Fuck Moon Valley

5. Death Metal Song

6. I like Blue Eyes

7. Fucked Up*

8. School Parking Lot

9. One Mistake

10. I Remember

11. Dirty Laundry

12. Roach

13. Hepatitis in the U.K.