Artist Name:
Yellow Sloth Chicken Broth
Ted Angel (Guitar & Vocals)
John Elliot (Drums & Vocals)
Mike Kaelin (Bass)
Title: Party of Four 7"
Release Date: 8/97
Artist Bio:
When Yellow Sloth Chicken Broth came to Bad Stain
Records with the idea to release a 7" featuring 4
different songs to the four hottest ladies on the FOX
Network during the late nineties, how could we resist?  
Songs like "Neve" and "Jeniffer Love Hewitt" stay
playing on and on in your head.  "Gillian Anderson (I
Wanna Be With You)" makes you envy Fox Mulder, and
"Alyssa Milano Won't Go Out With Me" makes you feel
kinda dirty whenever you see a rerun of Who's the
Boss?.  First 2,500 copies on gold vinyl!
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