Artist Name:
United Magnetics
Official Website:
Davis (Vocal & Guitar)
Custer (Drums & Backing Vocals)
Brown (Bass & Backing Vocals)
Artist Bio:
Imagine if Jawbreaker bumped heads with Hot Water Music and Bad
Religion.  United MAgnetics had a sound that was too much to explain.  
Powerful guitars, beefy bass, and tight drums made up U.M., that featured
members of All Mouth No Trousers.  United Magnetics had the fortune of
recording with Don Fury (Known for his work with bands like Helmet) and
performing with bands all over the east coast.  They had a good run, and
we see no plans from any of the members to re-unite in the future.
Title: Re-Inventing the
Fifth Wheel CD
Release Date: 11/2000
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