Artist Name:
Swallow This
Corey Holton (Bass)
Jason Ripps (Drums)
Josh Thiel (Vocals & Guitar)
Artist Bio:
From the hot burning desert of Las Vegas, here come
Swallow This.  A 3 piece punk band that should have
been on a better record label like Fat Wreck Chords.  
They had everything a Fat Records band had, and they
even recorded with the legendary Donnel Cameron at
West Beach Studios.  Yes the same West Beach that
NOFX, Lagwagon, Strung Out, and NUFAN recorded
at with the same Donnel Cameron.  Yes, it did cost a
fortune.  Yes it was worth it.  In fact, Tell Me Vision is
out of print after 4,000 copies!  We still have about 300
of the Mr. T Versus Godzilla left though.
Title: Tell Me
Vision CD
Release Date: 9/99
Title: Mr. T Versus
Godzilla 7"
Release Date: 8/98
Out of Print
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