Artist Name:
Rose Sunshine
Title: Trapped in
Paradise 7"
Release Date: 7/18
Artist Bio:
Rose Sunshine got her start in 2017 while performing backup vocals, as well as singing
duets with her half sister Daisy Moonshine.  Rose sang with Daisy on three tracks from
her debut release on Bad Stain, and after the release of the record, Rose made the
decision to record four original tracks.  Bad Stain released the recordings on a limited
edition seven inch record.  Rose Sunshine has a style that is very different from Daisy
Moonshine, allowing her to stand out on her own and rise out from behind the shadow that
rests on her from being Daisy Moonshine's Little Sister.  

After releasing her debut record, Rose embarked on a 3 week southwestern tour with
Daisy Moonshine and her Redneck Brothers to promote the album.  As soon as Rose was
home, she immediately started writing new material for her follow up release.  Rose plans
on recording a full length CD for release in 2019.
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