Artist Name:
Johnny Laundromat and
The Drycleaners
Johnny Laundromat (Vocals, Guitar & Bass)
Steven Starch (Drums)
"Fab" Rick Softener (Bass and Guitar)
Colin Lint (Guitar and Vocals)
Title: A Stain You
Can't Wash Out 7"
Release Date: 4/17
Artist Bio:
Former Dirty Laundry guitarist Johnny Laundromat is
back with his new project, this time as the frontman of the
band.  Johnny Laundromat and The Drycleaners play fast
old school punk, mixed with melodic pop punk, and
acoustic punk.  Their debut release, "A Stain You Can't
Wash Out" seven inch record was released in April of
2017, and the band wasted no time working on their next
release.  The band released their second album in
November of 2017, a split ten inch record with the punk
band 946 West.  Be on the lookout for Johnny and The
Drycleaners performing across the U.S. in 2018.
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Title: Johnny Laundromat
and The Drycleaners and
946 West  Split 10"
Release Date: 11/17