Artist Name:
The Imports
Brad Reaume: Guitar & Lead Vocals
Kevin Donovan: Drums & Backup Vocals
Keith Szczygiel: Bass
Nick Tardif: Guitar
Artist Bio:
Buffalo is famous for its Wings and of course The Imports.  These guys
had a pretty good run.  They played along the Warped Tour, opened for
big name Pop Punk bands, and sold a ton of their self titled debut album.  
People have compared them to Blink 182 and Screeching Weasel.  Songs
from their self titled CD like "Amber" and "How Does it Feel?" make
you want to sing along, and songs like "Bitchin' K-Car" and
"Crackhead" make you laugh.  The Imports broke up early into the year
2000, and will continue to be missed.
Title: The Imports CD
Release Date: 12/98
MySpace Page:
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