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Dirty Laundry
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Chase Stain (Bass, Guitars, Keys & Vocals)
Brandon "B-Hound" Jamison (Guitar, Drums & Vocals)
Ryan Hamilton (Drums & Percussion)
"Tokyo" Billy Jacoby (Guitars)
Johnny Laundromat (Guitars, Bass & Trumpet)
Justin Bleach (Bass)
Joe Detergent (Drums)
Jones (Guitars)
Charles Duffy (Drums)
Billy Horner (Drums)
Marcus Looman (Vocals)
Kory Ochsnar (Drums)
J-Sin Daily (Vocals & Guitar)
Tom Lynch (Drums)
Troy "Yort" Buono (Guitar)
Tad Gurthman (Drums)
Artist Bio:
For nearly 10 years Dirty Laundry could be found playing every weekend at your favorite dive punk bar or run down
all ages venue in a pretty bad neighborhood.  They could be found at any house party playing a rough around the
edges quick set, and of course in their favorite garage spitting out the tunes that made them the first Bad Stain
Recording Artists.  Dirty Laundry claims to be the inventors of Trekkie Punk, and they did it well.  With the many
line up changes over the years of performing, Dirty Laundry called it quits for good in 2002.
Title: Songs to Wash Clothes To... CD
Release Date: 3/97
Title: Tales from the Laundry Room CD
Release Date: 8/96
Out of Print
Out of Print
Out of Print
Out of Print
Title: 9 1/2 Months E.P. CD
Release Date: 11/94
Title: All Washep Up E.P. CD
Release Date: 3/95
Title: Jiz Mac Attack in the Butt Crack CD
Release Date: 6/95
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