Artist Name:
Daisy Moonshine and her
Redneck Brothers
Daisy Moonshine (Vocals)
Lucky McGrath (Bass and Banjo)
Redneck Ryan (Guitar, Bass, Banjo, and Vocals)
Aaron Fuzz (Guitar)
Thumper "Thump-Thump" Thumperton (Drums)
Title: Bellis Perennis
Release Date: 12/17
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Artist Bio:
Hailing from El Paso, Texas, Daisy Moonshine and her
Redneck Brothers perform their own unique style of
bluegrass anti-folk psychobilly cowpunk with a metal
and punk wave edge.  Their highly energetic live shows
are full of rage and dripping with sexuality that Daisy
Moonshine seems to radiate everywhere she goes. The
band formed in March of 2016 when Daisy and
Redneck Ryan performed an impromptu acoustic
performance at a house party.  
project. .Daisy had just graduated high school and was eager to pursue music, despite not having any prior experience.  Daisy invited her
old high school classmates Hillbilly Billy and Lucky McGrath to be a part of the new project, and they quickly accepted the offer.  Hillbilly
Billy and Lucky McGrath had both been playing together for almost five years, but had never had the opportunity to become a part of a
band.  The four friends quickly started writing material, eager to start performing live.  In August of 2016 the band performed their first live
set at a house party, performing covers of various songs, as well as three original tracks.  The response was good, and after their set they
were approached by Charlie Riot, a local guitarist that had played with several bands in their home town, and worked as a promoter
booking shows for both local and national acts in El Paso.  Charlie Riot expressed interest in booking the new band, but also expressed his
desire to work with the group.  The group accepted Charlie Riot into the band, and the members worked together over the next several
months, writing original music and developing their sound.  Daisy Moonshine and her Redneck Brothers performed their first live show at a
venue in El Paso at Scooters Bar and Nightlife on New Years Eve 2016.  The show had rave reviews and they quickly generated a fan
base by performing live shows over the next few months.  In May of 2016, Charlie Riot booked a show in El Paso for Bad Stain
recording artists, Johnny Laundromat and The Drycleaners, and put his band on the bill.  After the show, Johnny Laundromat
complimented the band, and mentioned that his band had recently signed to Bad Stain Records.  He told Daisy and her band to send in
any recordings as soon as possible.  Johnny called Bad Stain Records President, Chase Stain, the following day, and informed Stain of the
amazing live show that he had witnessed the previous night.  Johnny Laundromat emailed Stain 45 seconds of the live show, and Stain was
sold.  Daisy Moonshine and her Redneck Brothers signed to Bad Stain in July, and went into the studio in August to record their debut
release.  The group worked with Chase Stain during the recording process and eventually completed the recordings in September of
2017.  Bad Stain Records set the release date for their debut album, titled "Bellis Perennis" in December of 2017.  The band and the label
chose to have the ten inch record be a limited edition release, with only 1,000 copies being pressed.  Daisy Moonshine and her Redneck
Brothers toured throughout 2018 promoting the release, and announced their sophmore release on Bad Stain in late 2018.
Past Members:
Hillbilly Billy (Drums, Bongos and Jug)
Charlie Riot (Guitar, Harmonica and Piano)
Coming Soon:
Title: Daisy Moonshine
and Her Redneck
Brothers Perform Their
Favorite Punk Rock
Songs  CD
Release Date:
Summer of 2019