Artist Name:
All Mouth No Trousers
Josh (Guitar)
Emily (Guitar)
Alison (Bass)
Todd (Drums)
Artist Bio:
50% boy.  50% girl.  All Attitude.  All
Mouth No Trousers was compared to
bands like Propaganhi and
Lagwagon.....but with catchy female
vocals.  Songs like "I Hate Girls" and
"Trendy Feminist" would have you
ranting and singing along to the technical
punk styles that only All Mouth No
Trousers could perform so well.  Songs too
wussy for the fried green tomatoes 7" is
their only release on vinyl, and their only
release on Bad Stain Records.  A.M.N.T.
broke up in 1999.
Title: Songs Too Wussy
for the Fried Green
Tomaoes Soundtrack 7"
Release Date: 2/98
Out of Print