Artist Name:
Nine Four Six West
Caleb West (Vocals and Guitar)
Sean West (Drums)
Levi Weston (Bass and Vocals)
Christian Bradshaw (Guitar and Vocals)
Artist Bio:

946 West from New York plays powerful thrash punk with a metal influence and
hardcore style.  Brothers Caleb and Sean West had played together growing up for
several years, and both developed a fondness for hardcore punk and thrash.  As the twin
brothers entered their junior year of high school, they started playing with their classmate
Christian Bradshaw on weekends, playing cover songs from their favorite bands in the
West brothers garage.  During the summer of 2014, the trio met a bassist named Levi
Weston at a local all ages venue.  They invited Levi to start jamming with them on
weekends, and Levi accepted the offer.  The four friends eventually started writing original
songs, and in May of 2015, the group performed as the band "West" at a graduation party
for their high school.  After graduation, the band performed another show, performing
several covers and a few originals.  The band "West" played two more shows before
realizing that the band name "West" was already taken, and they would need to change
the name.  The friends discussed different new name ideas for the band, and figured that
they would just do what Blink 182 did when that band was in their situation.  The West
brothers came up with the idea of having the numbers mean something, and after
discussing it for a few hours, the friends chose the new name, "946 West".  "9" was the
number of original songs that the band had written during their time using the name West.  
"4" was the number of shows that the band had played before changing their name.  "6"
was the number of months that the band had played using the name West, before changing
it.  After the group changed their name in November of 2015, they started performing live
using the new name across their home state of New York.  In the summer of 2016, 946
West recorded a three song demo and started performing for larger crowds as their fan
base increased.  In November of 2016, the group embarked on a 30 day tour across the
U.S.  The tour helped 946 West gain the exposure that the band needed, and the
members started looking for a label to release their material.  In the summer of 2017, 946
West signed to Bad Stain Records and recorded material for a split ten inch record with
Johnny Laundromat and The Drycleaners.  The album was released in November of
2017, and 946 West teamed up with Johnny Laundromat and The Drycleaners to head
out on a 45 day tour across the U.S., starting in February of 2018.  Check their website
for tour dates and come out and show your support!
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Title: Johnny
Laundromat and The
Drycleaners and 946
West  Split 10"
Release Date: 11/17