Non Compos Mentis CD
The debut release from these complex
rockers.  D-I-X features former Dirty Laundry
Guitarist Jones, who went on to play with
Roue 66 Killers.  We are still looking for a CD
copy of this, all we have is a cassette so we
can't feature a song sample.  The Cassette
had an alternate cover and was limited to 250
copies.   D-I-X eventually changed their name
to Racecar Bob, due to legal problems with
numerous other bands with the same name.  
After D-I-X called it quits in 2001, 3 of the
original members went on play in a new band
Helen's Wheels  from 2006 until 2009.  
As of 2010, Tom Platt and Joe Platt are still
playing in different projects.  Bassist Rynn
Stolworthy is also playing in different
projects.  Vocalist Tim Kaiser and Jones still
enjoy having a good jam session, but are
currently not in any projects.  We still aren't
sure how many copies sold of this one.  This
album is no longer available.  So we'll keep it
limited to 3,000 copies, unless the band ever
gets back together.  
1. Wingnut
2. Senior Citizens Discount
3. D-I-X
4. Short Song
5. Mr President
6. Desperate
7. Non Compos Mentis
8. Butt Full of Sand
9. Skank 'n'
10. What you Want
11. Why do you Care?
Listen to: Why Do you Care?
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