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It's time for another exciting update on how the recording process has been going. To be honest, we are way
behind schedule. We had hoped to be completely done with everything and sending the album to get pressed
by this time, but unfortunately, we aren't even finished recording yet. Chase still needs to lay down backing
vocals for two songs, and he has to fix a few lines in three or four songs where his lead vocals are either
slightly out of key, or they are just weak and missing something. Vocals always take us the longest amount of
time during our recordings, but we really want to make sure everything is perfectly executed.

After we are done with the recording, the songs still need to be edited, mixed, and mastered, so there is
still a lot of work left to be done. Plus, we still need to copyright all of the songs, obtain the publishing rights
for "Baby Got Back" and "Like A Rat" so we don't get into any legal issues covering the songs, and we need
to take care of registering the songs with our publisher, and with BMI, and set up and register everything
with all of the social media sites and online radio stations, and all of that crap. Plus, we need to pay all of
the fees associated with all of that.....easily over $5,000.....possibly as high as $9,000 or $10,000. We
are really trying to get the album pressed and released before the first day of the new year, because most
Grammy nominees are chosen because their album dropped in November or December and the songs are still
fresh on everyone's minds. So if we can get the album released before the first of the year, we can submit
the album for the Grammy nomination.

The good news is that we are happy to announce that both Moe Money and Chase Stain have officially
completed designing their signature series guitar and bass. Both of their signature instruments are now
available to purchase. Plus, in addition to the guitar and bass, both Stain and Money have their signature
series guitar and bass pickups that are also on sale now!  Money and Stain's signature series pickups were
custom made by Seymour Duncan, and will help to transform anyone's instrument into a pure work of art, with
the ability to produce unique and structured tones.

take care,

Tad, Moe, and Chase
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