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Hello everyone.

  We are aware that it has been several years since any of us has bothered to take the time to post anything
regarding the band, but we are very happy to announce that after nearly five years on hiatus, we are finally
returning to the scene!  We want to say thank you to everyone who has supported us in the past, as well as thank
everyone who has continued to support us while we took the much needed time off from the band so we could all focus
on our families for awhile.  We want everyone to understand that while we are returning to the scene, we still have
our families, and we don't plan on rushing back into things.  So please be patient with us over the next few months, or
possibly even few years, as we slowly make our transition back into the scene.  We currently have no plans to tour in
the near future, so all of the fans that don't live in the southwest are going to need to wait another year or so
before they will have the chance to see us live.
  While we discussed our return to the scene, it became apparent to us all that we needed to release a new album
that could help commemorate the ending of our hiatus and return to the scene.  We want our new album to be a
comprehensive retrospective of the bands work over the years and help show fans how NON has exponentially
progressed musically since the bands conception in 2003.  We also felt that it was vital to have our former guitarist
Matt Martini be included in the recording process of the songs that we had written and worked on prior to his
departure from the band.  Matt agreed to participate in the recording process, and we are very excited for everyone
to hear the new material.
  The new album will be titled "From Buckeye To Beardsley".  We chose the name of the album as a way to give a
little nod to our hometown.  Phoenix is a very big city, and we have performed just about everywhere in the city, as
well as all of the surrounding cities.  At the far south end of Phoenix is Buckeye, and Beardsley is located at the far
north.  One evening while performing at a bar just off of central avenue, we noticed a city bus that was heading down
seventh avenue.  The bus displayed its route number, followed by "7th Avenue - from Buckeye to Beardsley".  We all
felt as though it was the perfect album name, and we interpret the album title in two ways.  First off, it states that
the band has performed from one end of the city to the other.  The second interpretation is a play on the popular
phrase, "From Rags To Riches".  Local Phoenicians familiar with the city know that the North end of Central Avenue
where Beardsley is located is a middle-upper class neighborhood, and if you head East just a few miles, you end up in
Scottsdale, known as a very upper class area.  If you travel South down Central Avenue, the neighborhoods gradually
become worse, and Buckeye is known as a lower class area.  So if you head from Buckeye to Beardsley, you really are
going from a lower class area, to a middle-upper class area.....thus, From Rags To Riches.  
  The new album will include new material, as well as the song "Summer Daze".  We originally planned to release
"Summer Daze" on our last album, "Borrachos, Chingasos, Y Rucas", but we decided to remove the song from the album
at the last minute as we felt that it was still missing something and needed to be polished a bit more before we
released the track.  Our producer for the album, Joe Queer, felt as though the song was one of our strongest
tracks, and was against the idea of omitting it from the album, but we felt it was best to wait until we had the song
  We are also releasing our popular cover of Sir-Mix-A-Lots "Baby Got Back" on the new album, and an alternate
version of our Irish folk song, "Ode to the Drink", with special guest vocals from Cris MoSkill of ATM, as well as
Landmine Marathon guitarist, Ryan Butler, playing viola on the track.  We also decided to include the original
pre-production recording of our song "Broken".  We released "Broken" on our debut release, "Waiting for Tomorrow",
although the pre-production version of the track had a darker sound, with an emo style that featured piano and
keyboards.  We chose to change the song and give it a more upbeat and pop punk sound, considering emo was becoming
a more popular style at the time and we didn't want to be labeled in the genre.
  The album is also going to contain a few tracks from our limited edition "QuickerDrunkenLouderHarder" EP, as well as
a few live recordings of some of our most popular songs, and a live recording of "Trapped Like A Rat", originally
performed by Schleprock.
  We honestly feel as though this collection of songs is the perfect way to represent how the band has progressed
musically over the years, and is the perfect way to return to the scene from our nearly five year hiatus.  We are
very excited to be back, and we will make sure to keep everyone up to date on any further developements.  Make sure
to check our official website and our social media pages every few days for new posts and news.


Tad, Chase, and Moe


Hello Everyone

After nearly a decade of making fun music and amazing memories, we are announcing that the band will be going on a
hiatus.  Our last show is on Saint Patty's Day and we hope to see everyone at the show!  We had hoped 2013 would
be a year full of new experiences and adventures, and we all agree that it will be.  Just not as a band.  The reason
we are making this decision is because we all agreed that we have missed out on a lot of time watching our kids grow
up.  Chase had his daughter a few years before Moe and Tad welcomed their new additions, so he has missed out on
even more memories than the rest of the band.  Being in a band really takes up a huge amount of time.  We have
performed live on stage over 200 times, played dozens of out of state shows while on tour, away from our families for
days, sometimes weeks at a time.  We usually practiced once every week for 5 or 6 hours, and sometimes we would
practice two or three times per week.  We each spent hundreds of hours locked away in a room or office writing new
material, practicing on our own, designing flyers, web banner ads, working on the website and other social media sites,
booking shows, and countless other band related duties.  So now it's time for us to take some time to be with our
families and be the fathers that we should be.   

So we are walking away for now, but we plan on returning in about 5 or 10 years when our kids have grown up a bit and
are so busy hanging out with their friends partying and playing in bands themselves that they don't want to spend any
time with us anymore.  There is always the chance that we will never return and it ends up that the band breaks up.  
We all really hope that the hiatus doesn't become permanent, and we fully intend on returning......but who knows what
the future holds.  We promise to try and make our return sooner, rather than later, even if it ends up being brief
and we have to go back on hiatus again for a bit longer.  I guess only time will tell what happens.

We want to say thanks to everyone who has supported us in the past.  We really appreciate all of the fans that came
out to our shows, especially those shows when we played in front of a dozen people on a Tuesday night at some dive
bar.  Thanks to all of people who bought our CD's or downloaded our music.  Thanks to Mat Martini for being a part of
the band for those five years, we miss you buddy, keep making kick ass music with Reason Unknown.  Thanks to Joe
Queer for all of his help and input with our music.  Thanks to Ryan Butler for his patience and his kick ass work with
our recordings, and we want to say sorry for our last experience in the studio and want to let you know that we are
all very thankful for everything you did for us.  Thanks to Sean "40 Man" Johnson, Leesie Gurthman, Janice, Chrissy,
Garret, Brittany, Breck, James Izam, Judith Jacoby, and anyone else that we may have forgot for all of the
photography, running the merch booth, and the various help.  Thanks to Will Anderson, Donnie Johnson, and everyone
who booked us to play a show.  Thanks to any venue we had the pleasure to perform at.  Thanks to any radio station
that played our music, to the movie Madison Hall for using our music in the film, and to every label that used us on a
compilation or tribute album.  Thanks to all the bands we shared the stage with, especially The Queers, ATM, Dirty
Laundry, The Dames, Route 66 Killers, Helen's Wheels, Speed 63, Guttermouth, Sigma, Mr. Plow, The Desperate
Hours, Generiks, Reason Unknown, Adam Don't Care, Plain White T's, The Vrooom, The Meat Department, Calabrese,
Authority Zero, Forever Falling, Vices To The Grave, Fivespeed,  E.T.T.S., Idiot Kin, 2 Dimes, Sixth Year Senior,
Redfield, The Revenge, Teenage Bottlerocket, and Lesser Criminals.  Thanks to our sponsors, especially Budweiser for
promoting our shows and making such killer posters, Fender Guitars for the support, and Electro-Harmonix Effects
Pedals for taking Chase's idea to modify their signature Holy Grail reverb pedal and making it a reality and creating
The Holy Stain effects pedal.  We love you all!

Cheers - Chase, Tad and Moe
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