10-30-2018        Moe Money Steps Down as Vice President of Bad Stain Records and is
Replaced by Nova Kaine Stain
Last week, Moe Money announced to all of the staff that he was stepping down as Vice
President of Bad Stain Records, due to the fact that he needs to focus more on his silk screening
and T-shirt manufacturing business, as well as his clothing company, "Urban Infidel Clothing".  Money
feels as though he cannot give the proper amount of time to the label needed as Vice President, so
he requested that we change his position in the company.  Money was replaced by my daughter, Nova
Kaine Stain, and although she is being thrust into the position much sooner than I had planned, I am
confident that she will be able to handle the job.  Nova will be handing all of the public relations and
promotions, as well as the social media and online duties.  She will also be working in the A & R
department, and managing all other branches of the label.  Moe will now be our Head of Distribution
and Merchandising, and will be in charge of all wholesale distribution of our physical products, and
will also be in charge of merchandise manufacturing, and art design work.  We are excited to have
the changes, and have a lot of exciting future plans in the works for 2019.  

Stay tuned.....

Chase Stain

9-24-2018        Numbers On Napkins Frontmen, Moe Money and Chase Stain, release their
signature music equipment
Moe Money and Chase Stain both unveiled their signature instruments this week, and they are
officially for sale now and available to view and purchase.  Moe Money released his signature Fender
Stratocastor with various modifications and a unique hybrid humbucking pickup, custom made by
Seymour Duncan.  Money requested that Seymour Duncan take their infamous "Invader" pickup and
put it along side their popular "Hot Rails" pickup, to make his signature "Hot Raiders" pickup, with
an original and unforgettable tone.  Chase Stain released his signature Fender Jagstang Bass, which
is a custom designed bass version of the Jagstang guitar that Kurt Cobain designed and had built by
Fender.  Stain's Jagstang Bass has a PJ Bass pickup configuration, and he had Seymour Duncan
Custom build his signature series "White Gold" bass pickups, designed especially for the Jagstang
Bass.  After designing the Jagstang Bass, Stain decided to create a couple of signature guitars as
well, to go along with his solo work.  All of Chase Stain's Signature Series Collection of instruments
can be viewed on his official website by clicking
HERE  Stain and Money's collection can be viewed
on Numbers On Napkins official website by clicking
HERE or you can visit our Merchandise Page

Time to make the donuts........

Nova Stain

7-2-2018        Daisy Moonshine and Her Redneck Brothers performing 3 dates in Texas at
this years Warped Tour!
For everyone that's gonna be in the Lone Star State in early July, make sure to check out Daisy
Moonshine and Her Redneck Brothers as they perform on the Full Sail Stage at this years Warped
Tour.  Daisy and her Bros will be performing on July 6th in Dallas, July 7th in San Antanio, and July
8th in Houston, and they are very excited and honored to be performing with the final cross
country Warped Tour.  This is the first time Daisy and Her Redneck Brothers have played the
Warped Tour, and they will be signing autographs and taking pictures at their merch booth directly
after their performance.  
 I have been to several Warped Tours, but have not attended one for the past 4 or 5 years.  I
decided to go this year, and took my daughter and some of her friends.  I had a great time, despite
the fact that it was over 110 degrees and patrons were dropping like flies from heat stroke.  This
year was a little strange for me, because I can honestly say that the bands that put on the best
live shows and had the best sounds were all on the smaller stages.  Every band that performed the
large main stage played a weak set.  I have seen Fenix TX about a dozen times (although most of
the shows sere when they were still performing as River Fenix), and they have always put on a
decent live show, and few times they had amazing performances.  This year, their live set was a
snoozefest, and every band on the main stage had the same reaction, with the exception of The
Used, who put on an average show.  I can forgive the poor performance by Waterparks, because
they had former My Chemical Romance bassist Mikey Way filling in for their bassist, and Mikey
seemed to have some serious technical difficulties that took nearly 30 minutes, so they only played
3 songs.  I hate to speak ill of any bands, and perhaps the main stage was just cursed in Phoenix.
 With that being said, the highlight of the show in my opinion was seeing the bands on the small
stages.  My daughter and her friends were excited to see Palaye Royal, and I had expected nothing
much from the band.  I've heard them a bit, and I personally feel as though they lack any
personality, and are trying much too hard to be like My Chemical Romance.  I really liked My
Chemical Romance, but I think a band needs to try and focus on developing their own original style.  
I was actually amazed with the live performance they put on, and in retrospect, they are still a
young band looking for their image.  I honestly think they will do well in the future if they can
branch out with their own identity.
 The biggest surprise was watching Chase Atlantic.  My daughter had played a few songs from them,
but nothing ever jumped out at me.  As I watched Chase Atlantic, it was obvious that this was a
band that had found their own unique style.  I must admit that I was impressed, especially with
their guitarist/sax player.  
 Authority Zero also put on a highly energetic performance, which was no surprise to me at all.  I've
played dozens of shows with Authority Zero, and they have always had a great live show.  I find it
mind boggling at times, considering that the singer Jason is the only original member.  I would
expect their live shows to change with the members, but they are always just wild and crazy and
full of energy.
 There was one band at the Warped Tour that was far and away the best, and that was Doll Skin.  
Doll Skin is an all female group hailing from Phoenix that I feel is one of the top 20 best bands to
come out of the Valley of the Spun, and I consider them the best all girl band Arizona has ever
produced.  Their songs range from being upbeat and poppy punk rock tunes like "I know You Miss
Me", to more dark and metal influenced punk tracks like "Daughter".  The girls put on a stellar, jaw
dropping live performance.  The singer Sydney is so charismatic on stage, and bassist Nicole also
seems to balance on the same wave length.  When they both are on stage talking to the crowd
between songs, cracking jokes and having fun, you can't help but smile.  The girls are so damn cute
and adorable, and their overall charisma and outgoing personalities really enhance their live
performance.  Drummer Meghan is hidden behind the drums, but she too has a bouncy and bubbly
personality when given a mic and interacting with the crowd.  Doll Skin's guitarist Alex seems to be
the quiet one in the group, and she seems to be more focused on the music during the live shows.  
When you watch her play, you can see that she has an almost spiritual relationship with the music
and is fine tuned with song she is playing.  Alex is also probably the most talented girl in the band,
and she becomes so sexy as she shreds her metal influenced solos.  Despite the fact that it was 115
degrees outside while Doll Skin was playing, Alex remained the hottest thing on the stage.
  When my daughter introduced me to Doll Skin, I was impressed by their sound, and blown away at
how talented the girls were.  I didn't expect a group of teenage girls to be as talented as they are,
and I remained stunned as I realized that they had developed their vocals to perfection and could
harmonize and sing very melodic backing vocals together.  All four of the girls were attractive, and
oozing with charisma.  I realized I needed to jump at the chance to sign these girls.  Of course, to
my surprise, they had already been snatched up.  I discovered that Megadeth bassist Dave Ellefson
had actually just started his own record label and signed Doll Skin.  In fact, he started the label
because he saw a future in these young ladies, and Doll Skin was the first band he signed.  I figured
that they could do better on Bad Stain, considering I have been around so much longer and could
grant them more opportunities........but I was totally mistaken.  After doing a bit more research, I
found that Ellefson had put a lot into his label, and it wouldn't benefit Doll Skin in any way to sign
with Bad Stain.  So I must admit that I'm a bit bummed that Doll Skin isn't part of the Bad Stain
Family, but oh well.  I feel the same way about several other bands over the years.
  So everyone who is attending the Warped Tour in Texas should make sure to head on over to The
Full Sail Stage to check out Daisy Moonshine and Her Redneck Brothers!  Don't miss out on seeing
Doll Skin perform on the Owly Stage, as well as Chase Atlantic and Palaye Royal.  Also, check out
Authority Zero on the Journey's Left Foot Stage.  Ohhhh....and remember to stay hydrated!

                                                                Have fun at the Warped Tour    -   Chase Stain

6-22-2018        NON sells out of "QuickerDrunkenLouderHarder"
After twelve years, NON has finally sold out of copies of their limited edition
"QuickerDrunkenLouderHarder" EP.  Bad Stain pressed 5,000 copies of the CD, expecting the
release to sell out of copies within the first 3 years.  Everyone had thought therelease would sell
much faster, due to the fact that NON's debut release "Waiting for Tomorrow" had sold 5,000
copies in the first 3 years, and album sales had remained strong.  Unfortunately,
"QuickerDrunkenLouderHarder" received very little radio airplay, and did not have the same push
behind it.  "Waiting for Tomorrow" had songs that were featured in indie films, and the single "True
Love" became the #1 Best Love Song for the genre of Punk on GarageBand, and remained #1 from
2005 until 2014 when the site went out of business.  Of course the real driving force behind album
sales was the fact that the single "Runaway" received radio airplay on various online stations and
college stations, as well as very popular FM stations, including Arizona's 103.9 The Edge.   So the EP
may be out of print, but it is still available to download from dozens of various sites.  In addition, a
couple of tracks from the out-of-print EP will be featured on NON's upcoming release, "From
Buckeye To Beardsley", in stores in late 2018.  Well.... I'm off to get ready for the final Warped
Tour EVER suckas!

                                                                - Peace Out, Chase Stain

5-23-2018        Daisy Moonshine and her Redneck Brothers sell out of their debut record.
We've been warning everyone for weeks, so don't blame us if you never got a copy.  The good news
is that Daisy Moonshine just posted that they will be entering the studio in late July to start
recording the follow up to their debut record.  The "Not-Yet-Titled" sophmore release will feature
special guest musicians and will be nothing but cover songs from bands that Daisy and her bros
admire.  More info coming soon!

                                                                                                Mohawk Brian

4-19-2018        Rose Sunshine signs to Bad Stain and starts recording her debut record.
Rose Sunshine signed on to join the Bad Stain family last week, and she's already in the studio
recording her debut release.  Rose Sunshine is the younger half sister of Daisy Moonshine, and
performs with Daisy Moonshine and her Redneck Brothers on a regular basis.   Rose can be heard
perform,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,ing guest vocals on the tracks "Solo Cups and Shotgun Shells", "Gone Fishin",
and "Jenny B Goode", from Daisy Moonshine's debut release, "Bellis Perennis", and fans can expect
her debut release by late summer.

                                                                                - Johnny Laundromat          

2-2-18        Daisy Moonshine and her Redneck Brothers debut release nearly sold out!
It has been six weeks since the release of "Bellis Perrenis", the debut album from Daisy
Moonshine and her Redneck Brothers, and all of the colored vinyl has been sold, and less than 200
copies of the regular black vinyl remain!  The album sales ended up being much better than we had
anticipated, and in retrospect, we should have pressed more copies.  If you haven't got a copy of
the new record yet, you had better order one quick before they're gone!

                                                                                                - Johnny Laundromat

1-16-18        Numbers On Napkins Returns to the Scene After Spending Nearly Five Years
on Hiatus!
That's right!  The rumors are in fact true....Numbers On Napkins has posted an official
announcement on their website stating that they are ending their hiatus that has lasted for nearly
half a decade.
Numbers On Napkins posted the news of their return on their official website....to read the
complete post,
We are very excited for their return and are happy to announce that Bad Stain will be releasing a
new full length album from the band in 2018.  NON's new album will be titled, "From Buckeye To
Beardsley", and the band will be in the studio working on recording new material over the next few
months.  Numbers On Napkins are including several live recordings, and a few songs from their
"QuickerDrunkenLouderHarder" EP on the new album, that promises to give listeners a reflection
of the band throughout its entire history.  It manages to provide an accurate portrayal of NON's
comedic and energetic live performances, provides the listener with a small sample from each of
the bands releases over the years, and gives fans several new songs that are sure to satisfy anyone
who enjoys NON's diverse style of punk rock.
One of the most exciting things about the new album is the news that NON will be recording a
handful of the new songs with their former guitarist Matt Martini.  Martini parted ways with the
band in late 2010, just a few weeks before they released their last album, "Borrachos, Chingasos, Y
Rucas".  NON stated that Martini left the band on good terms for creative differences.  Martini
wanted to play music that was more raw punk rock, and after announcing his departure, he chose to
put all of his time and energy into focusing on his other band Reason Unknown.  NON has made it
clear to fans that although Matt Martini is joining them to play on a few select tracks from the new
album, he will not be joining the band on stage to perform any live shows in the near future.
We will keep everyone up to date with the progress being made with the new album as it develops,
and will hopefully set a release date sometime in early 2018 when the band has finished things up in
the studio.

                                                                      Happy New Year - Nova Stain

12-6-17        Johnny Laundromat and The Drycleaners / 946 West - Split Ten Inch
Record and the FINAL PRESSING of Numbers On Napkins debut album, "Waiting for
Tomorrow" in stores now!
The latest Bad Stain release, the split ten inch record featuring Johnny Laundromat and The
Drycleaners and 946 West.......is officially in stores now, and you should hurry up and get your copy
now, cuz they are selling like grade A blue meth.  Pre-order sales for the new split ten inch record
have been amazing, and the record has already sold nearly 300 copies.  We don't have very many
copies of the first pressing on white vinyl left, but if you end up ordering your copy too late, the
second pressing is on clear vinyl, so you will still end up with a cool record, instead of the plain old
black vinyl.  Both bands will be heading on tour to promote the new record just after Christmas, and
will meet up with each other in the middle of the tour to perform the last fifteen dates.  We will
be posting tour dates within the next few weeks, so check back soon.

We also wanted to let everyone know that we will not be repressing any future copies of "Waiting
for Tomorrow" from Numbers On Napkins.  The debut album from NON, "Waiting for Tomorrow",
was originally released in late 2004, and sales for the album were far better than we had ever
anticipated.  We made 1,000 copies for the first pressing, and all of the copies were sold at the
bands CD release party, forcing us to quickly order the second pressing.  We ordered another
2,000 copies, and just six months later we were nearly out again.  In the summer of 2005, we
ordered 3,000 copies for the third pressing, and by March 0f 2006, ordered another 3,000
copies.  Album sales slowed down after that, and we didn't need to repress again until the summer
of 2008, just before NON left on tour.  We only made 1,000 copies for the fifth pressing, as we
didn't need such a high quantity due to the decline in album sales....plus, we still had over 300 copies
left, and were ordering the next pressing to ensure that NON wouldn't sell out of copies while on
the road.  In early 2012, we made the decision to press another 1,000 copies with the sixth
pressing, and a year later, NON released their hiatus.  The album has gradually sold copies during
NON's hiatus, and in February of 2017, we pressed another 1,000 copies.  We currently have about
500-600 copies left, and this seventh pressing will also be the final pressing.  After the remaining
copies of this final pressing are sold, the album will have sold a total of 12,000 copies.  Rest
assured, the album will still be available to download.  So if you ever lose your copy, you will have the
ability to download all of the songs.

Last, we want to let everyone know that we are running low on copies of NON's
"QuickerDrunkenLouderHarder" E.P.  The CD was NON's second release and follow up to "Waiting
for Tomorrow".  Both NON and Bad Stain decided to release the EP as a limited edition pressing,
hoping to boost album sales.  The EP was released in the summer of 2006, and NON's debut album
had already sold over 6,000 copies in just 18 months, so we chose to make the EP have a limited
press run of 5,000 copies.  We had projected that the EP would sell out within three years, but we
were way off.  By the summer of 2009, the EP had only sold 2,000 copies, less than half of what we
had hoped.  The EP has gradually sold copies over the years, and we currently only have 113 copies
left.  The EP is available at InterPunk.Com and once these last copies are sold, it's gone for good!

                                                             Moe $

9-9-17        A New Addition to the Family
  I want to announce that the greatest addition to my family in history is now joining the Bad Stain
family.  My daughter Nova is helping the label and becoming our new Social Media Manager.  She is
finally ready to start learning the music business, and I imagine it won't be long before she is
running the whole label with a staff of her friends signing new talents....lol.  Get ready for some
changes people.

                                                                                             Chase Stain

7-9-17        Another New Release from Bad Stain....Amazing!
How amazing is it that we are actually releasing two albums in the same year, after doing jack shit
for so long?  The latest release from the label is a split ten inch record featuring my band, Johnny
Laundromat and The Drycleaners, and an amazing band from New York called 946 West.  The ten
inch record has a limited edition pressing of just 2,000 copies with the first 500 copies on white
vinyl and the second 500 copies on clear vinyl.  The record is available online from interpunk.com or
in stores on 11/24/2017.

                                                                                         Johnny Laundromat

3-13-17        Johnny Laundromat and The Drycleaners debut release in stores April
The debut release from Johnny Laundromat and The Drycleaners will be in stores and available for
sale online on 4/28/2017!  The limited edition seven inch record, "A Stain You Can't Wash Out" has
four tracks and has a limited pressing of just 1,000 copies with the first 300 copies on orange
vinyl.  Get your copy next month, or pre-order your copy now at Interpunk.Com

                                                                                         Chase Stain

10-29-16        Bad Stain Welcomes "Johnny Laundromat and The Drycleaners"
After over five years without doing a damn thing, Bad Stain Records is proud to sign our newest
artist, Johnny Laundromat and The Drycleaners!  Be on the lookout for the new record out next
year!  More info to come soon.

                                                                                           Chase Stain
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