BS030 - Numbers On Napkins
BS029 - Mr. Plow
BS028 - The History
of the West Side
Weasels DVD
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BS027 - Chase Stain
BS026 - Mr. Plow
BS025 - Chase Stain
BS024 - Numbers On Napkins
Numbers On Napkins
"From Buckeye to Beardsley" features new songs, previously
unreleased live recordings, and select tracks from NoN's
limited edition "Quickerdrunkenlouderharder" E.P. CD.  The
album includes an alternate version of the song "Broken",
originally released on their debut album "Waiting for
Tomorrow", a new version of their irish folk song, "Ode to the
Drink", titled "Ode to the Drunks" featuring guest vocals from
Cris MoSkill of ATM and viola from Landmine Marathon &
North Side Kings guitarist, Ryan Butler, a unique cover of
Sir-Mix-A-Lot's "Baby Got Back", a live cover of "Trapped Like
a Rat" from the band Schleprock, a tune called "Stop, Calm"
that features guest vocals from Adam "Otis" Senter, the
frontman of Sorrower and E.T.T.S., and so much more!
BS031 - ATM
The little red book of chairman
plow CD
February CD
January CD
Quikerdrunkenlouderharder CD
Mad Plow Disease CD
Waiting For Tomorrow CD
Way Late and Waitin' CD
From Buckeye to Beardsley CD
72 Hours of Caffeine, Nicotine,
Sleep Deprivation and Pain CD
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BS032 - Chase Stain
Dirty Laundry
Harmonies from the Hamper
"The Complete History"
Three Disc Box Set
After countless requests to repress Dirty Laundry's
earlier albums, and requests for us to release their
previously unreleased lost recordings, Bad Stain has
decided to put together the full collection of Dirty
Laundry's music. "Harmonies from the Hamper"
contains three CD's with over 3 hours of music.  Every
Dirty Laundry song ever recorded.  Every album, every
E.P., every seven inch record, every live recording,
plus previously unreleased songs that the band
recorded for their last album that never came to be.
IN STORES: Late 2019
IN STORES: Winter of 2018
BS033 - Numbers On Napkins
Forget This, I'm Going to
Tokyo E.P. CD
Features the single, "Forget This, I'm Going
to Tokyo" from Numbers On Napkins
upcoming album, "Borrachos, Chingasos Y
Rucas", available from Bad Stain Records in
November of 2010.  Also contains two other
tracks from the album, "Go Away" and "Ten
Years Ago Today"!  Check out three songs
from the upcoming CD before it hits stores!  
Plus the CD features three previously
unreleased tracks, including a special live
version of Numbers On Napkins infamous
"True Love"!  This is a Special LIMITED
with a limited pressing of only 500 copies!  
IN STORES: Early 2019
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Bad Stain Records proudly presents the debut album,
"Wrong Perfection" from Ukraine Punkers, Doping.  Doping
plays straight up punk rock in its raw and timeless form,
singing in their native Russian tongue, as well as in English.
Doping sings about everything from the girl that got away,
to political rants, and some other crap we can't understand
because we don't speak Russian.  Includes powerful
songs like "All The Same", "Menality of Greed" and
"Superpunk".  This album is perfect for anyone who loves
bands like Circle Jerks, Black Flag, Minor Threat or Dead
Kennedy's.  The album is almost familiar sounding, making
it an instant classic with a nostalgic feel.
BS034 - Doping
Wrong Perfection CD
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A musical experiment conducted by Chase Stain
after he injured his back in 2007.  Stain locked
himself in his apartment for 72 hours with no
contact from the outside world.  During that
period, he wrote and recorded the album.  Stain
stayed awake for the entire 72 hours, taking his
pain meds and muscle relaxers, as well as
smoking a carton of cigarettes and drinking
pots and pots of coffee.  After the three days
were up, Stain had a collection of six original
and unique songs, and a rendition of The
Lemonheads "Rat Velvet".  The album is a
Limited Edition Pressing of just 500 copies, and
there are currently no plans to repress the CD
when it's sold out.
Perform Their Favorite Punk Rock
Songs  CD
The sophmore release from this female
fronted bluegrass anti-folk psychobilly
cowpunk group, that features special
guests: Rose Sunshine, Chase Stain,
Johnny Laundromat, Jason Martinez, Jen
Soren, and more!  This special limited
edition CD features 16 cover songs from
bands that have influenced Daisy
Moonshine and her Redneck Brothers.
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April E.P. CD
The fourth installment in Chase Stain's
"Month" series.  "April" features new songs
written, produced and recorded by Chase
Stain, with Landmine Marathon guitarist Ryan
Butler engineering and mixing the tracks,
"Lady Luck", as well as an acoustic version of
Screeching Weasel's popular anthem, "I
Wanna Be Naked". Other original tracks
include "My Mistress", the title track "April",
and more!