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The First Quarter features the first
three CD's in his "Month" series.  All
of the songs from Stain's "January",
"February" and "March" albums are
included on the CD, along with two
exclusive bonus tracks!  Order the
new CD right away from
BS036 - Chase Stain
The First Quarter:
January, February & March CD
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BS035 - Chase Stain
BS037 - Numbers On
March E.P. CD
Borrachos, Chingasos
Y Rucas CD
Bad Stain Records and Laundromat
Productions President and Founder
showcases a blend of punk, folk, new
wave and alternative rock with his fourth
album, "March".  "March" features five
new tracks, written, recorded, mixed,
mastered and produced by Chase
Stain.  This CD features "Romantic
Comedy", "March" and an acoustic cover
of Lagwagon's "Bye For Now".  This
special collector's edition E.P. CD is
limited to only 500 copies.
Numbers On Napkins latest release
produced by Joe Queer and
engineered and mixed by Landmine
Marathon and North Side Kings
guitarist Ryan Butler.   12 new songs
featuring lead vocals from all the
members of the band.
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BS038 - Johnny
Laundromat & The
A Stain You Can't Wash
Out 7" Record
This debut release is a limited edition
pressing of just 1,000 copies with the
first 500 copies on orange vinyl.   
Featuring former Dirty Laundry guitarist
Johnny Laundromat with special guests.  
Engineered by Chris Inham and
produced by Chase Stain.
This split release features the first 500 copies on
white vinyl and the second 500 copies on clear vinyl.  
The record is limited to 2,000 copies and has 5
songs from each of the artists.  Johnny Laundromat
and The Drycleaners, play raw punk rock, pop punk,
and an acoustic punk, & 946 West from New York
introduces their debut release, with five tracks of
hardcore thrash punk.  The new record is available
online or at your favorite mom and pop record shop!
Split 10 Inch Record
BS039 - Johnny Laundromat
& The Drycleaners / 946 West
BS040 - Daisy Moonshine
& Her Redneck Brothers
Bellis Perrenis 10" Record
The debut release  features 9 tracks, & has a
limited pressing of just 1,000 copies.  100 on
"Hillbilly Brewed Moonshine Clear", 200 on
"Daisy Petal White", 300 on "Redneck Red",
400 on regular black vinyl.  This female
fronted bluegrass anti-folk psychobilly
cowpunk group has received rave reviews in
their hometown of El Paso, Texas.  Hurry up
and get your copy today before they're gone.
Bad Stain Records proudly presents the debut release from Rose Sunshine, half
sister of Bad Stain Recording Artist Daisy Moonshine.  Rose and Daisy have been
making music for years, and when Daisy started her career in music, she asked Rose
to sing guest vocals on some tracks, and was delighted when Rose agreed.  After
performing live with Daisy Moonshine and her Redneck Brothers several times, Rose
decided she wanted to pursue music full time, just like her sister.
 Rose decided to sign to Bad Stain and release a four song seven inch record and
recorded two of the songs with Manny Smalls at Blood Moon Recordings and the other
two at Bazooka Studios with Dave Robiduex.  All four tracks were produced by Chase
Stain, and mixed by Manny Smalls at Blood Moon Recordings and Mastered by Dave
Shirk at Sonorous Mastering.  
  Rose Sunshine's debut record, "Trapped in Paradise" is a limited edition release,
and we only pressed 1200 copies of the album, with the first 300 copies on swirled
purple and black vinyl, and the remaining 900 copies on swirled pink and black vinyl.
   "Trapped in Paradise" has a very diverse sound, with all four tracks having a very
different sound.  The title track, "Trapped in Paradise" is an energetic and melodic pop
punk track, but is followed by the song "Marrow Gold" that has a strong classic rock
style and has been described as sounding like Heart and Led Zepplin.  Side B starts
off with the song "Coma", that has a strong and heavy hardcore thrash sound that
blends with an electronica techno style.  The final track,"Blisters on my Soul" has a
bluegrass style with dual banjos, but blends into a skapunk song, leaving the listener
very impressed with the overall diversity that is on the B Side of the album.
BS041 - Rose Sunshine