I am in this really crappy band and we are looking for a really crappy label to be on.  How do we get on your label?
So you guys run the AZ Ska Punk Awards each year...and, um...how does that work?  My band should be
nominated for Best Uber Metal Post Hardcore Pop Punk Group.  We should play the show.  Can we play?  Are we
nominated?  Can I get backstage?  How do people vote?  I wanna vote for my band, can I do that?  When is the
next awards show anyways?  Are the Awards even still around?
The Ska Punk Awards ended in 2010, and there are no plans to bring the awards back anytime in the near future.  
If you have questions you can visit the Ska Punk Awards Page
Here.  If you have any other questions, just e-mail  
I am in a touring band and we are looking to play in Arizona.  I know that Laundromat Productions is a part of Bad Stain Records and
everyone in Arizona always tells us that Laundromat Productions is better than any other promoter in the valley.  In fact, they say that all
the other promoters are crooks and racists.  Somebody told us that you guys can book us a show and would pay us $6,889.46 to play.  Is this
Laundromat Productions was a much bigger company about ten years ago, and booked shows regularly for various touring and local bands
all over the valley.  We are not currently booking shows very often anymore, and primarily work as band management now.  We are always
willing to help out in any way we can, but the only way we will pay you thousands of dollars is if you give us really good lovin' and/or really
good drugs.  You can feel free to contact us and we will see what we can do.  Although, it would probably be better for you to contact another
promoter.  For info just e-mail  
I sent you guys a check or money order for a copy of some band on your label and I never got it.  What the hell is up with that?  Are you
guys just in the business of ripping people off?
I am a promoter or club owner with really awful taste in music and I want to have a Bad Stain Recording Artist perform in my crappy club!
To book one of our artists, please email booking@badstainrecords.com
I just have some really stupid questions.  I want to waste some poor guys time and want to know what is going with my favorite Bad Stain
Recording Artist or the label.  
If you have any questions concerning the label or Bad Stain Recording Artists just E-Mail publicrelations@badstainrecords.com
I run this Zine that nobody reads, or this ultra stupid website that gets two hits per month.  I was thinking that Bad Stain would love to
advertise.  Who do I talk to about advertising and are they gullible enough to believe that we have a 60,000 press run and get over
20,000 hits per day?
E-Mail  advertising@badstainrecords.com.  We aren't very smart and will believe nearly anything you tell us.
I am throwing this huge show called Waynestock and a bunch of killer bands are playing.  Everyone is gonna be there including former
president Bill Clinton!  I was wondering if Bad Stain Records would like to sponsor my event.
Here at Bad Stain we love to sponsor shows!  We don't have much cash, but we are always down to give away some CD's, shirts,
stickers, gift certificates, set up a booth, etc.  If you want us at your show or would like some promo crap for your underwear drawer,
just e-mail
I am a Punk Rock store or distributor and I am looking to carry some items that will fit nicely in my spare bedroom closet and never
sell.  How do I get a whole bunch of your merch at a wholesale price?  Do you guys do consignment?
For wholesale or consignment contact  distribution@badstainrecords.com.  
I run an indie label with my Mom and older sister.  We are putting out this compilation CD called, "I stuck a pencil in my Pee
Hole".  We would like to put some Bad Stain Recording Artists on the comp!  Just send us $350 per band and we will give each
band a copy of the CD for just $12.50 a piece when it comes out!
$350?  I think we are gonna be the ones shoving a pencil into your pee hole.  We don't pay to be on comps.  Our bands don't pay to
be on comps.  We also have no problem allowing some of our bands to be on comps without pay.  If you want to put out a comp and
have a Bad Stain Artist on it, feel free to e-mail
promotions@badstainrecords.comm.  If you are asking for money, please don't
waste our time.
I am the I.R.S. and we want to destroy you!  Or I am Mr. Krabs or Scrooge McDuck and have questions about money.
Contact our Accounting Department with any questions regarding money at accounting@badstainrecords.com
I have a question about your products.  Where you get stuff pressed and other worthless questions like that.  Who do I contact?
Contact our Head of Product Management at info@badstainrecords.com
Your website is stupid.  There is something wrong with it.  Gosh, why is this site so stupid?
Well for starters we will need a demo.  You can also send us links to anywhere that your music can be heard, but
we recommend that you send us an actual CD.  We accept demo's on CD, CD-R, Vinyl, Cassette, and 8 Tracks.
Please send your demo to:
Bad Stain Records
20244 N 31st Ave
Suite #1029
Phoenix, AZ 85027
Ummmm....We are in the music industry....so of course we are in the business of ripping people off, but not so obviously.  We are more into
ripping off the bands on the label, although we do enjoy ripping off the consumer with a lousy product.  But we find more satisfaction in
getting you a lousy product to listen to....we want you to be frustrated about your purchase, and if you never get the lousy product, you
won't feel ripped off and cheated.  So if it has been over six weeks and you still have not received your order, please e-mail  
If the website is acting up please contact webmaster@badstainrecords.com.  If you just think our website is pretty stupid, pin a
gold medal on your chest and tell all your friends!
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