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February 2, 2007 - Punk Music Dot Com
Joe Queer to produce Numbers On Napkins upcoming album

Numbers On Napkins has announced the title of their upcoming CD
that has been in the works for over a year.  The album will be titled
"Barrachos, Chingasos, Y Rucas".  Translated in english: Drunks,
Punches and Women.  The album features guest performances from
The One Man Gang of the grind core band E.T.T.S., as well as Chris
Mo'Skill of ATM laying down some extra vocal tracks.  The CD is
nearly ready for the mix down and the editing process, and is being
recorded at Arcane Digital Recordings in Chandler, AZ by Ryan
Butler, the guitarist for both North Side Kings and Landmine
Marathon.  In addition to recording the album, Butler contributes
guitar tracks for a jazz song, that is sung completely in russian titled
"Yaushoi Sroiboty I Mne Navse Plevati", as well as playing Viola on
an irish inspired punk tune titled "Ode to the Drink".  Numbers On
Napkins enters the studio once again in February to finish the
recording, pending approval from their producer, Joe Queer
(legendary frontman of The Queers).  Joe Queer will then take a listen
to the final mix down in March, and the CD should be sent out for
mastering in April and pressed by the summer of 2007.  "I think this
album will be the most diverse and talented thing we have ever
done", said Tad Gurthman, drummer for Numbers On Napkins.  "In
the past we have stayed true to our punk roots.  It's what we grew up
on and what we love.  But on this album, we wanted to just try
something new and different.  We are working with some great
people from hardcore bands and grind core bands, but the overall
feel of the album is something I am very proud of.  We chose a great
producer for the album, and I honestly am surprised Joe decided to
work with us on this.  It's not his style, but I think that he is excited
about this project as well.  It really gives all of us a chance to explore
music in general and we are really hoping that people aren't turned
off by this.  In the end, we are still very true to our punk roots, and will
continue to play punk and pop punk.  I look at this album as an album
for us, not our fans.  We just hope that our fans respect the fact we
wanted to do something different for this CD".  Numbers On Napkins
insists that the next CD will not be as expiremental and that they will
soon return to their "roots" with the next release.  Look for them
touring the U.S., both east and west coast to promote the album,
starting in June 2007.
- Megan Lee
Numbers On Napkins New Video Sports Soft Core Porn

Bad Stain's Numbers On Napkins posted a video from their
upcoming album Borrachos, Chingasos Y Rucas...

Quote the label "many are calling it very sexual, and one person
"Thought they were watching soft core porn". Does anyone smell a
marketing gimmick? The video is on their MySpace page
( ).

The album, recorded by Ryan Butler in Chandler, AZ, and produced
by Joe Queer, will be in stores on July 17th, 2007.
January, 2007 - First Underground News
Numbers On Napkins Release New Video from Upcoming

Arizona's own Numbers On Napkins recently released their first
video from their highly awaited upcoming album, "Borrachos,
Chingasos Y Rucas", set for release in the summer of 2007.

The video is for there first single titled "Forget This, I'm Going to
Tokyo".  The song isn't what you would expect from the fellas in NoN
though.  With drumming that resembles Neil Pert, Talented guitars in
the vein of John Fruscante, bass lines that sound as though they are
straight out of the next popular funk band, and a whole new style of
singing that NoN has never done before.  The song isn't like the
poppy styles the guys have always played in the past.  They even
throw in a Piano and what sounds like some synth or guitar effects
throughout the track.  Imagine a mix of Rush, Panic! at the Disco,
Red Hot Chili Peppers and Modest Mouse.  

The video stars Melissa LeMaster, a stunning young lady from
Phoenix that I would have loved to have seen more of.  The hot and
steamy love scenes were apparently shot in bassist Chase Stain's
own bedroom, and the live band footage shot in guitarist Moe
Money's living room.  "We wanted to keep it low budget and just plain
punk rock", exclaimed Money.  "We plan on releasing several video's
from the new CD, and we figured why not make the first one look like
a home movie or something.  The next video's will be a lot better.  
Plus, I think Chase just wanted to play around with his software."

The video was edited and written by frontman, Chase Stain.  In
addition, the bands percussionist Tad Gurthman showed of his
directing debut.  "Keep it in the family and 100% D.I.Y.", said
Gurthman.  "This way we had nobody to blame but ourselves".

Many fans have already commented that the video is similar to
"Home Porn" on NoN's MySpace account.  NoN's new CD hits
stores this summer, followed by a west coast tour to promote the
album.  "I think people are going to be a little confused with the new
CD."  Says bassist Stain, "There is a wide variety of music ranging
from alternative, to rock, to jazz, to of course punk.  Hopefully it has a
little something for everyone."

Check out NoN's new video on their MySpace page at:
and keep your eyes open for their second video to hit their MySpace
page in May of 2007.

- Jeff Beckley
February 3, 2007 - Drunks & Punks