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September 4th, 2017

Hello again everyone.  Just wanted to let everyone know that my band NUMBERS ON NAPKINS will be coming out of hiatus in the near
future and releasing a new album on Bad Stain Records.  As for my solo music, I still haven't been playing any live shows, and I still
don't have a date to release the "April" CD yet.  Rest assured, the E.P. will eventually be released at some point in the future, along
with the rest of my "Month" series.  For now, you can still purchase "The First Quarter: January, February, and March" CD collection
that features my first three limited edition E.P.'s in the series from InterPunk.Com.  Stay tuned for more info on the return of NUMBERS
ON NAPKINS and take care.

Cheers - Chase Stain
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July 23rd, 2018

Greetings Everyone.....Well, you have probably noticed that the website got a long overdue facelift.  It has been under construction for
several months because I wanted to change some things about the site, as well as add some things.  The site is still under
construction in a few areas, but I am working as fast as I can to resolve the issue.  I have updated the graphics on every page in the
site, and I have also added some stuff.  You may have noticed that there are a few more pages to visit.  I have created three new
pages for the site.  The Interviews page will feature every interview I have ever done for my solo work, Bad Stain Records, Numbers
On Napkins, Dirty Laundry, Forever Falling, Yars Revenge, Laundromat Productions, The Arizona Ska Punk Awards, and every
business, band, or project I have ever worked on.  The page is going to take a decent amount of time to complete, so I imagine it will
be under construction for awhile.  The Merchandise and Links pages are also under construction, but will be completed in a couple
weeks.  I am also rewriting The Journey page and the process will probably take me awhile to complete, but I think everyone will be
happy with the final product.

Cheers - Chase Stain
September 22nd, 2018

It has been over two months since I redesigned the website, and I've managed to complete the merchandise page, which was pretty
simple.  I decided to remove the "Links" page, and I changed the "Interviews" page to "Press" instead, with four sub-categories:
"Interviews", "Articles", "Reviews", and "Misc. Press".  Each of the sub-categories are still in  the works, and I have a whole hell of a
lot to post.....68 more interviews, 50 or so reviews, and about a dozen or so articles and misc press....ugggg.  Although I still have a lot
of work to do on "The Journey" page, and I honestly don't expect that to be completed for several months.  I also wanted to give
everyone an update on Numbers On Napkins new album.  As many of you know, the new full length was supposed to be released in
September or October, but unfortunately I doubt we can get it out that soon.  We have nearly completed the recording process
although I still need to polish up a few vocal tracks.  Then the album needs to be edited, mixed and mastered.  I also still need to go
through the whole process of copyrighting all the songs and setting up the publishing rights and still need to obtain the publishing
rights for the cover pay for all that crap!  So we are now hoping to have it out by late 2018.....we hope.  On the bright side,
I have finally released my signature series music equipment and it is officially for sale now!  When NON came back from our hiatus,
Moe and I started designing our signature instruments.  I originally planned on having mine be a Jaguar Bass with a PJ Pickup
configuration.  I had planned on using a Mustang Bass neck, because it is short scale and had an awesome feel that is almost like a
guitar neck.  I wanted On/Off switches for both pickups, and another switch to change the pickups from "In Series" to "In Parallel",
and possibly another switch to change the pickups from "in phase" to "out of phase".  I also wanted a switch to change from
"passive" to "active".  Last, I wanted to take apart an Electro-Marmonix pedal and use the inside components to incorporate on board
effects into the bass.  After pricing out the cost to make my signature bass, I was looking at over $4,000.  Even if I only marked it to
sell at a break even price, nobody was gonna wanna spend that much on the signature bass of a musical artist that is pretty much
unknown, so I had to make some changes.  I decided to go in a different direction and chose to make my signature bass be a
JagStang Bass, primarily because it didn't exist.  Kurt Cobain designed that JagStang Guitar and Fender made it for him, although they
never made a bass version.  Over the years, hundreds of fans and musicians have asked them to manufacture the JagStang Bass,
but requests have fallen upon deaf ears.  About seven or eight years ago, a mock photoshop image of a JagStang Bass began
circulating online with rumors of Fender releasing it......although it was just a wild prank.  So I designed a JagStang Bass, trying to stay
as accurate to the guitar version as possible.  I couldn't stop at the JagStang though......I also wanted to release my signature guitar.  I
designed about a dozen more guitars and two more basses, and chose that I would release them all slowly over the next several
years.  Each instrument will be a limited edition build of between 10 and 50 pieces.  I'm not expecting the instruments to fly off the
shelves, and I imagine that it will take years to sell them.  I just wanted to be able to offer people a few instruments that I feel are
incredible in every way, and made from the highest quality materials with expert craftsmanhip.  We only mark up the instruments a
small percentage, usually around 6-8%.  My goal is not to make money, but to get an incredible high quality guitar or bass that would
usually sell for $5000 or more, into the hands of someone who could never afford an instrument that expensive.  My signature series
instruments are not cheap, and will still set you back $1,000-$2500, but the instruments are easily worth double what I am selling
them for, and I expect that over time, there is a chance that they may increase greatly in value......only time will tell.  Check out the
products that are currently available in my Signature Series by clicking the link on the right, and check back for more products being
added every couple months.  Until next time..........

Take Care,

Chase Stain
October 30th, 2018

Hello to all you devilish guys and ghouls out there.  As we approach Halloween, it always reminds me that the end of the year is drawing
closer.  This has been an amazing year, and I'm very happy that my daughter Nova has started to help out with the label, and she's to the
point where I feel as though I need to give her a lot more control.  I have decided to name my daughter Nova the new Vice President of
Bad Stain Records.  Nova has an amazing ear for music, and had found several bands that would be a wonderful addition to the label.  I
have been amazed at the bands she has discovered, especially the local AZ band Dollskin, that I honestly feel will eventually become a
very successful band in the near future.  Unfortunately, Bad Stain has been unable to make any solid recording deals with any of the
bands that she has found yet, due to the fact that we are low on revenue at this time, and unable to spend thousands of dollars to get
projects off of the ground.  I'm hoping that it won't take too much longer for us to finally find a new, amazing band, and have the funds to
record and release the album.  Only time will tell, although I doubt we will have the funds to sign a new artist until sometime in 2020.  I'm
also happy to announce that I have added more information to "The Journey of Chase Stain".  The biography now spans my life, starting
off the day I was born, and spanning all the way to January 1st, 1994.  I have included a lot of info about my life so far, but in all honesty,
it has all been summarized and I have skipped over hundreds of stories that I think are very interesting, funny, or sad.  I didn't want to
turn "The Journey" into a full biography that went into a lot of details, so it just skims over things.  Even though it is not detailed at all,
"The Journey" is a lot to read.  In this age of reality entertainment, I decided to add this information for everyone to read.  I personally
doubt that most people will care about "The Journey", but I know that there are always a handful of people out there that are interested
in the history of my life, and how I started my bands, labels, zines, and various businesses.  Not much left to say, except that I am trying
to finish up with the last few vocal tracks in the recording studio, and NON's new album will be released in 2019.  We will post an exact
release date as soon as we have answers.

Cheers - Chase Stain
December 12th, 2018

Well....I made a few changes to my signature series collection of instruments.  Perhaps more than a "few" actually.  I created a
whole line of limited edition guitars, bass guitars, and pickups.  Anyone who builds their own equipment knows that it sure as shit
ain't cheap, so most of my guitars and bass guitars I plan on selling at 10% above cost.  So they are around $1500-$2000 on
average.  Although these are all high end instruments with quality parts, and everything will most likely increase in value, or at least
they shouldn't decrease.  I don't expect anything to fly off the selves, but I just thought it would be pretty damn cool to offer a
collection of really unique and original high quality instruments.

I also wanted to let everyone know that my band Numbers On Napkins finally finished recording all of the music for our upcoming
album.  I finished up the last of the vocals earlier in the week, and the songs are now getting edited.  Once the songs are all edited,
they will all get mixed down, and then I will be mastering the album after all the songs are finally mixed.  I know we are taking our
sweet time with the album, but it should be out within the next 3 or 4 months.  I will make sure to keep everyone posted.

Cheers - Chase Stain