1. Talkin' Shit
2. Ain't Your Day
3. Forward Assist
4. Blind Side
5. Front Line
6. Earthling
7. 47.5
8. Two in the Morning
9. Outta Luck
10. Dead and Gone
11. WEB
12. Who's Your Hero?
13. Wonderful Thing Called Life
Way Late and Waiting CD
The debut release from this growing AZ
band that has a style all of its own.  
"Way Late and Waiting" is an instant
classic to a good punk collection.  The
album features good, fast, energetic
punk rock with lyrics that range from
politics and gang violence, to love and of
course MySpace.  Features the single,
"Dead and Gone", a hilarious tune that
explains what would happen to the world
if MySpace was no more.  "MySpace
where have you gone?  I think I have a
problem.  Where the hell is Tom at?   I
can't seem to find my MySpace Page
Today.  I click refresh, but nothing
seems to click.  I click again.  It just the
same old shit.  Unexpected error my ass,
where did MySpace go?"  Classic!
Listen to the song "Dead and Gone" from the
album  "Way Late and Waitin"  from ATM.  
Available 5-15-07!
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