The second installment in a series
of 12 E.P.'s, (one for each
month) to be released by this
solo artist that has performed
with bands ranging from Dirty
Laundry to Yar's Revenge, to his
current band Numbers On
Napkins.  6 songs written and
produced by Chase Stain, and
engineered and mixed by Stain
and Jason Daily.  Includes special
guest musicians Tad Gurthman,
Jason Daily, Troy "Yort" Bueno,
Moe Money, and more!  Limited
to only 500 copies!
1. Rose Red
2. The Jen Gornick Infatuation
3. Miss Lead
4. True Love
5. Old Fashioned Punk
6. February
Chase Stain -
February CD
Listen to the song "Miss Lead" from the  February CD
 from Chase Stain available in October 2005.
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