7 songs written, produced, and
performed by Chase Stain.  
January is the first installment in
Stain's "Month" series.  The
album Features guest
musicians Moe Money, Tad
Gurthman, Troy "Yort" Bueno,
Tom Lynch, and J-Sin Daily!  
Includes the songs "All up in dis
Mug", Cinderella Syndrome",
and "Liquor Taco".  Plus an
alternate version of the song
"Broken", originally released by
Stain's band Numbers On
Napkins.   Limited to only 500
1. Intro
2. All Up in Dis Mug
3. January
4. Liquor Taco
5. Pussy On Tap
6. Cinderella Syndrome
7. Broken
8. Bruises
Chase Stain -
January CD
Listen to the song "Bruises" from the  January
CD  from Chase Stain out now.
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