1. Runaway
2. Feelin' Down
3. Broken
4. One for the Seventh
5. 42 Things You Don't Know
About Women
6. Boobies
7. Burning Bridges
8. True Love
9. Quit Yer Job and Become a
10. Fat Girls
Numbers On Napkins -
Waiting for Tomorrow CD
After a long 6 months recording with the
legendary Aaron Carey (Megadeth, Linkin Park,
Vanilla Ice, Stevie Nicks), Numbers On Napkins
finally present their debut full length CD,
Waiting For Tomorrow.  Waiting For Tomorrow
contains 10 songs of melodic pop punk in the
same genre as old Blink 182 and Bad Religion,
with a twist.  Includes  all of the songs you love
to hate, like "True Love" (Voted #1 Best Love
Song of ALL TIME in Punk Genre at, "Boobies", "Fat Girls".....and
of course the song nominated for Best Song at
the 2004 Arizona Ska Punk Awards.,
"Runaway".  NoN has a lyrical style in the vein
of Guttermouth and The Dwarves.  Their
overall offensiveness and comical attitude will
make you want to stick a boot up their Punk
Rock Asses!
Check out more about this up and coming band
and listen to mp3's at their
website, or!
Listen to the song "Feelin' Down" from
Waiting for Tomorrow  available now!
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