United Magnetics -
Re-Inventing the Fifth
Wheel CD
"Re-Inventing the Fifth Wheel" was the
debut full length release from the New
York based United Magnetics.  
Actually, the album was also their last
release, and their complete box set!  
Although United Magnetics only
released one album, their unique style
was years ahead of their time.  United
Magnetics was a blend of Jawbreaker
and No Use For A Name, with a small
subtle hint of Bad Religion.  The band
featured Josh Anamoly of fellow Bad
Stain Recording Artists All Mouth No
Trousers, but United Magnetics had a
drastically different style about them.  
Critics highly acclaimed the album.  
MRR hailed this album as "a prelude to
the musical styles to come", & Punk
Planet called the CD, "One of the
greatest albums of the year".
1. Greenpeace has got the Bomb
2. The End of an Error
3. 1-800-DIVORCE
4. Act One Scene One
5. The Best Dressed Gang in the World
6. Wayside
7. Fall of Ninety Three
8. Deckhand
9. Drinking Gasoline
10. The Supersymmetrical Theory
Listen to: Wayside
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