Swallow This -
Tell Me Vision CD
The debut full length release from
these Las Vegas Punks that resembles
the original Fat Wreck Chords sound
was the first major recording on Bad
Stain.  10 songs recorded by the
legendary Donnel Cameron (NOFX,
Pennywise, Rancid, Bad Religion,etc.)
at Weastbeach Studios.  The album
includes catchy and infectious tracks
like the title track, "Tell Me Vision" or
the song "Tonight".  "Dead By Dawn"  
features a sound clip of Bruce
Campbell cutting off his hand from the
movie, "Evil Dead 2", which is
appropriate because their name was
taken from the original "Evil Dead"
movie.  Swallow This has called it
quits, but this album is timeless.
1. A.P.F.T.
2. Tell Me Vision
3. 10 Years
4. Front of the Line
5. Tonight
6. What Happened?
7. Carpe Diem
8. Dennis
9. Feel the Blow
10. Dead By Dawn
Listen to: Dead by Dawn
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