Scratch N' Sniff/
Left Right Combo
Split  7"
The poppy snotty melodic sounds
of Scratch N' Sniff and the street
style rough tunes from Left Right
Combo come together like a right
hook to the chin.  Both bands
deliver amazing tunes and the best
part is that there are 9 songs on
this 7"!  No colored vinyl on this
release, but the pressing was
small enough.  Only 1,000 of these
suckers are out there today.  This
release is so rare we don't have a
copy!  Also, because we lost the
masters it will never be released
Left Right Combo:
1. That's the way you're gonna be?
2. C.O.P.S.
3. Union
4. In the Circle

Scratch N' Sniff:
1. Somebody Else
2. Through with my life
3. Finally Over You
4. Donna Reed
5. 16th Avenue
Listen to: 16th Avenue
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