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Chase Stain
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Chase Stain has been in many bands over the past fifteen or so
years.  He has performed with Dirty Laundry, Yars Revenge,
Forever Falling and many more.  He is currently the bassist and
vocalist for Numbers On Napkins, and in his spare time enjoys a
solo project on the side.  Stain also performs in Three Chord
Mafia, playing a variety of instruments as well as lending his
voice on a few songs.   Three Chord Mafia is Stain's
experimental project, and he has chosen to be the bands Producer
and manager as well.  Stain is the founder and President of Bad
Stain Records and Laundromat Productions.  He has written for
many publications ranging from Maximum Rock and Roll to Punk
Planet.  He is the former editor of Unspeakable Thoughts fanzine
and former co-editor of Bad Stain fanzine.  He has produced his
solo albums, and co-produced nearly a dozen other albums.  He
has engineered and mixed music for various bands and brings his
own flavor and style to his solo project that makes his music
stand out above many others in his genre....whatever that may be.
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Title: February E.P. CD
Release Date: 2005
Title: January E.P. CD
Release Date: 2005
Title: 72 Hours of
Caffeine, Nicotine,
Sleep Deprivation and
Pain CD
Release Date: 2008
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Title: March E.P. CD
Release Date: 2010
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January, February and March CD
Release Date: 2010
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