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Three Chord Mafia
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There is little known about the experimental band, Three
Chord Mafia.  The band formed in January of 2006, and
has been writing music since.  Bad Stain was recently
informed that Three Chord Mafia has finished writing six
songs, and completed the pre-production recording of
those songs.  Producer, Chase Stain, headed into the
studio with the band to start the final recording process of
those six songs.  To our knowledge, only the drum tracks
have been finished, and Three Chord Mafia still has
another four songs to write.  Rumors have circulated
sense the bands conception, that their debut release will
focus on a novel written in the 1970's by an unknown
writer.  It is also rumored that the band is made up of
members of bands, including Numbers On Napkins,
Authority Zero, Sigma, The Format, Stubborn Goats, The
Route 66 Killers and ATM.  In addition, word on the
street is that the group also has ex-members of Dirty
Laundry, Stuck in a Groove, Yar's Revenge, Forever
Falling, Dr. Divine and D-I-X.  It has been speculated that
the band has over 60 members, and has an original style
using over 40 instruments.  We of course will keep
everyone informed on the progress of the band, and look
forward to hearing their album when it hits stores.
Coming Soon!
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